It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

So today I was like, looks like LofPnet got a new car? This seemed odd to me because he normally drives a BIG pickup truck and looked like he now had a smallish SUV of some sort.

I am not a neighborhood busybody although telecommuting all these years, I am sort of a modern day Gladys Kravitz type spy. If you are old enough to have watched the TV show Bewitched, you might know about her. Years later, watching “B-witch” re-runs on morning TV provided the kind of multi-tasking that helped get my older beach urchin dressed on time for kindergarten.

I was hauling my reee-cycle out to the curb as LofPnet was arriving home this afternoon and I got these scoops:

— It is NOT a new vee-hickle. His (beloved) pickup truck got side-swiped on MOTHER’S DAY and has just now gone in for body work. I am pretty sure I don’t wanna know that long story.

— In a recent spate of vee-hickle “break-ins”, our next door neighbors’ doorbell cam caught a person wandering up and down the street trying car doors.

1) A number of people had their cars ransacked, including one of our next door neighbors’ cars.

2) I had picked (some of) this up on next door neighbor (as did a friend of mine NOT in the neighborhood who messaged me about it).

3) We were not home Saturday night as were none of our vee-hickles.

4) When we DID get home on Tuesday I did not manage to lock our car doors that night. It was a long travel day and involved FlaMan, that is all I will say. Our vee-hickles were apparently not entered. I had a baggy of laundry mat quarters in Cygnus (not visible unless you actually entered the car) and they were undisturbed as was everything else in the car on Wednesday morning.

— Two doors down, the people who have lived there less than a year have moved out but some relative is moving in. They will apparently renovate the house (probably needs it) and are good at gardening. Maybe I can hire them? 🤣🤣🤣 The people who just moved out had a child-size bicycle on their front lawn just about the entire time they lived there. I’m not sure if I ever saw a kid ride it or not and why it was never stolen I will never know.

— Was I not retired?!? (This after I mentioned we’d been outta town for a while and I was telecommuting.) No no no. I am not. When you have a sweet job like I do you hang on to it until you are damn good and ready. Of course, I work for an at will company so ya nevah know.

All right KW, go lock your car doors.

One Response to “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Car break-ins are getting common around here too. John has both his vehicles out so that worries him. Glad that yours weren’t disturbed. My mom is definitely Mrs. Kravitz these days. She is a curious person, as am I.