The GG: I’m running an experiment

It is a central A/C experiment. I do not know (or wanna know) the details. It also involves the attic fan. The A/C is on and I am living with it. After a whole night of rain and thunderstorms (noisy but not severe), the temp got up to 90 today. The Weather Gods have been threatening us with a heat wave for days now but I was glad to have a nice cool morning before it all started up and I didn’t have to water the flowers today.

I lasted in teleCubelandia withOUT the A/C until the late afternoon when I am basically sitting in the sun. At about 3:30 I moved to a shadier part of the room. I considered turning on the attic fan but didn’t feel like crossing whatever rules my HVAC “engineer” (the GG) might have about heating and cooling. I could always push back on his “rules”. I often have but I’m kinda taaarred of arguing with him about things I know he’s gonna do “anyway”.

These “experiments” keep him outta my hair sometimes, plus he fixed a weird problem with Rooooomba yesterday. It was an actual broken plastic part and he somehow MacGyvered a solution. Note that I have never watched MacGyver. I dunno when it aired on TV but it apparently wasn’t on my radar screen. But people on them thar intertubes are always talking about MacGyvering this and that. Maybe The GG would like the series? He could yell things at the TV like “You idiot, I wouldda done it like this!” Or maybe he might learn new tricks.

The Landfill did not have central A/C when we moved in and for many years after. We had a couple CRAPPY A/C “units” that could sorta cool the room they were in. And NOISY? You betcha. Some of our summers are hotter than others and we sweltered through a number of the hotter ones until we eventually installed a new furnace and central A/C. Heck, neither one of us even owned an air-conditioned CAR until our kids were a few years old and we bought the Exxon Tanker Valdez (1989 Chrysler minivan). Our mouse during her first ride in the Exxon: “Let’s go to Houghton Lake.”

It was the summer of 1988 that pushed us into buying that van. Days upon days upon days of 90-105 temps with a pre-schooler and toddler. At one point the toddler contracted roseola and one afternoon her temperature (104) matched the outdoor (and indoor) temperature.

So it is hot here today (but NOT 110!) and since I am not driving back and forth to an air-conditioned office in an air-conditioned car, I allowed the central A/C to get turned on in the late afternoon. And I am enjoying it.

One Response to “The GG: I’m running an experiment”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love my heat pump which means I don’t fret about the weather forecast like I used to–or have to go around opening all the blinds and windows in the cool, then shutting the house up when it starts to warm up. The whole day I would feel like a mole. It used to be a big deal for a car to have A/C, now it’s standard. Ashley loved MacGyver for some reason which means Patt would be yelling at the TV over some of his ridiculous fixes. “THAT WOULD NEVER WORK!”