When I was at the moomin the last little bit, I finally got totally fed up with having to peek around the curtain to check the temperature on the indoor/outdoor thermometer mounted outside the eastern picture window. We don’t have to live in the 1970s forever do we? I “suggested” (passive/agressively) to the GG that it would be “nice” to have a thermometer in the kitchen. He responded by digging up an ancient analog thermometer and mounting it there. Problem? The temperature was always the same. I *know* the temperature outside is constantly changing so I reported that it wasn’t working. Much experimentation ensued until I finally clarified that I had wanted an *indoor/outdoor* thermometer. My bad, I guess. Specification, KW? (The temperature INSIDE changes a lot too but we won’t go there for the moment.)

Last Tuesday when we got home from the moomin (was it really a week ago?) he had a gift for me. Yes! This was what I had in mind!

We have three variations on this here at the Landfill. One of them (the one in the Water Closet) is a liar if you look at it when the sun is on the sensor. It is rarely (but not never) 60 degrees at 10:00 AM in February here. Anyway, it turned out it didn’t quiiiite work “out of the box”. So a work light was needed. Fortunately one was at the ready.

Here he is at work.

And the aftermath of his exertions.

BTW, it does work now and is ready for duty at the moomincabin.

2 Responses to “Electrofragmothermoglobulator”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I used to have a thermometer outside but it was wildly inaccurate. The sun would shine on it and tell me it was 100 degrees in the morning. Nope. Now I look at my thermostat which has a fairly accurate indoor and outdoor temperature.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Nice story of a husband wanting to please his wife. Sweet actually. We once had a device that sat next to our bed and projected the outdoor temperature onto the ceiling just above our heads. It was only visible at night of course. But we had many purposeless conversations at the beginning, middle, and end of our sleep periods in those years discussing how hot/cold it was outside.