Hot and skunky 🦨🦨🦨

And other random stuff.

First, I woke up in the middle of the night to the strongest 🦨 smell we’ve had in a while. It STUNK BUT it wasn’t as bad as the time 3rd grade teacher Mr. K (of Multiplication Blues fame) asked me about the skunk smell and I told him it had been skunky all night. He called it the Night of Skunks. I used to walk one of my beach urchins to school while she was in the “H-team” (3rd and 4th grade). This was at her request. Before the doors were open for the day, the entrance was a melee of backpack flinging. My kid could have easily dealt with that and knew it but didn’t want to tolerate that kind of juvenile crap and I don’t blame her. My presence maybe(?) settled it down a bit. I did not “police” kids and she didn’t seem embarrassed by me. Most days I was over there in the mornings on PTO bizness anyway.

I went to the Wednesday farmers market this morning. I don’t usually go to the Wednesday market but it is shelling pea season and I am gimme gimme gimme about those. So I GOT SOME. That’s all I bought. I didn’t have much of a plan for anything else. Yet. So, at my leisure, I walked by the Throne and grabbed a pic. I did not USE the throne. I didn’t need to. I like the idea of these (they are other thrones in the downtown Planet Ann Arbor) but I am a bit skeptical. [Delete long thoughts about outhouses and growing up using them. Although this is not your granddaddy’s outhouse. Or even the one on your rustic campground.]

Heat index, shmeat index. Again the weather “gods” (the human ones) over-hyped a week long heat wave for the Planet Ann Arbor. Did it happen? Yes. But. No. Predictions were for upper 90s. We NEVER got anywhere near that. 90 has been about the average late afternoon temperature here and we have had a lot of good breezes. 90 is hot but except for an experimental test of our central A/C on Monday, we haven’t turned it on. We have run the attic fan a bit. I’m not running it now because it’s loud and the GG is on a North Country Trail call. But overnight temps are in the 70s and while it’s not perfect sleeping weather, it’s tolerable.

And so g’night. Our “hot” weather is supposed to break a bit sometime tomorrow 🧡🧡🧡

2 Responses to “Hot and skunky 🦨🦨🦨”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    Am I gonna have to go searching for shelling peas??? Probably. Because every time you mention them my mouth waters. Sadly, I’m the only person in my (in-home) family of three who eats peas. Although…. brilliant thought alert! We’re going to the Delaware shore in early July for a week with daughter, SIL, and granddaughter Onnie, who will be 4 next week. I’ll bet Onnie would LOVE to help Nana shell peas. We pass a ton of farmers’ markets on the way. Hmmm. Food for thought, so to speak.

  2. Margaret Says:

    You are on your own on the peas unless they’re going in a salad or a casserole. Now if they were BEANS! It was 85 today but also with a nice breeze. Very nice weather.