Melting in Michigan

It wasn’t any hotter today than it has been the rest of the week but somehow, I felt hotter today than the rest of the week. [Delete a bunch of stuff about heat indexes, etc.]

Keeping it real, this is a shot of teleCublandia, my “office” for the last four years. That is when I am not in the Lyme Lounge or the moomincabin or wherever. Don’t look at Green Guy or the frooogs. They are like trombone players. You’ll only encourage them. Other people I work with have (as far as I know) set up actual OFFICES in their homes. I think the company would buy us desks and chairs and whatever. I was like, I don’t need no stinkin’ desk. Or chair. None of that stuff worked for me.

When we first got sent home because covid, I commandeered the crappy old Green Couch. I hung out there until I managed to get the GG to replace his family’s beloved old Green Couch with a NEW one. At some point “every person in my family has been sick on that couch” didn’t fly any more. Even though I am one of his family members who HAS been sick on that blasted couch. But I now have the Teal Couch and the GG is happy with it.

In a heat wave or whatever it is we’re dealing with (it isn’t 100 degrees after all), teleCublandia can get as hot as all getout at the end of the afternoon and I was kinda melting today. I was bathed in sunlight. Hot hot hot. I was soooo hot that I bagged work a little early. By the time I took this pic, some cloud cover had moved in so you can’t see the bright sunlight that bathed me and my little office.

I shut down my work laptop and moved into the Landfill Chitchen. It was almost immediately cooler there. I didn’t turn on any lights but our kitchen lights are all LED anyway so I don’t think they heat the room up much.

Hoping for bit of a cool-down tomorrow but we’ll see.

One Response to “Melting in Michigan”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the teal couch–such a beautiful color! I love my heat pump; it’s a trickly system so not noisy or obnoxiously cold. Just comfortable!