I love these meeses to pieces

First, a note to the weather “gods”. I don’t mean the “gods” that actually MAKE the weather. I mean those who try to predict it.

From last Sunday through Thursday, I was getting regular “alerts” from Weather Underground (I think) that our heat advisory was updated and was going to end in x days and y hours. The expiration on this advisory seemed to be Thursday night. But. Thursday night arrived. And Friday? I didn’t get any more alerts but the only difference I could detect from Friday’s weather and the rest of the week was that THERE WAS NO BLASTED BREEZE. The temperature was STILL in the low 90s. So why end the alert?

Today was another hot hot hot day but the breeze was back so I felt reasonably cool when I shelled my eight quarts of peas this morning. I bought four quarts on Wednesday and another four today. The vendor I bought from today said there would PROBABLY be peas on Wednesday and MAYBE next Saturday. It’s always a short season but this one is even shorter because of the heat. I told him I was heading to the yooperland in a week or so and would probably stay there for a while and he said, “You’re going in the right direction.” Yes.

Back to the weather, why can’t “they” just say something like, “It’s gonna be hot!” On top of that, Weather Underground was reporting all day yesterday that it was 99 degrees. Nowhere near! And no that wasn’t the heat index or whatever it is. Seems like Weather Underground was once the gold standard of weather forecasting/reporting? Wait! Is AI generating these advisories and alerts? If so, fire it.

I do love these meeses to pieces. On the left, the yellow one is my Tigger dog’s favorite toy ever. The Commander gave it to me when they had Tig euthanized (she was old and sick) when I went to college and I have saved it all these years. It still makes a hearty squeak when you squeeze it. I have never had another dog. I am a one dog woman even on a three dog night. The other mice have their tails wrapped across their faces. It took me a while to process that…

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