(Very) random stuff

I took a chance on buying this book for the GG. I am not much of a history buff but after listening to two NPR interviews with this author on the anniversary of D-Day, I was impressed enough that I thought I’d give it a shot. It turned out to be a winner, even though I heard about it on NPR, which can be “persona non grata” to some folks around here. Not to mention that reading a book in a kayak is a good way to spend a very hot week. He has finished it and passed it on to his ID twin, the UU.

Our heat wave finally cooled down over last night and although I think the Landfill is still retaining some residual heat, it was comfortable all day today and outside was glorious. I retreated there for much of the afternoon after I got some chores done.

I dealt with some quilt-type fabric today. A number of years ago, I hit some kind of flinging wall and decided to donate a bunch of quilt fabrics. One of the places I donated to was via a work friend who used to meet weekly(?) with a group that made quilts to donate. When they received my contribution, the group leader apparently immediately dropped her plans for the day and used some of my fabrics instead.

The other place I donated to was via my daughter and wouldn’t you know, I got some of that stuff back recently. And that’s okay. After I made my original donations, I kind of regretted doing it. This stuff is all so hard. Anyway, I enjoyed reacquainting myself with some old fabric friends today. There was one bag in the box that I had not donated. At first glance it looked like old socks or something. I didn’t take a careful look but this is also okay. I will wash those items and mail them off in a take-back bag.

That is about all for tonight. Love y’all, KW.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There was another post that I couldn’t get to, but this one was fine. Did you delete a post? Hope the book is interesting. Glad the weather has cooled down. Ours is in the high 60s with a breeze–very nice.