Speaking of the beach, low water is the word.

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4 Responses to “Speaking of the beach, low water is the word.”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Wow! When Nook & I were up there a few short weeks ago, the snow drift in front of the cabin was taller than the propane tank!! And ice in the bay almost as far as we could see (well, ok, the channel was open and boats running… but, still lots of solid ice).

    So, the storms stayed on the windows (I’d left the cabin key in the DGSLD down at Barb’s anyway 🙂 ).

  2. jane Says:

    who wants to walk to the island with me?

    I guess we need that global warming to speed up so that the ice caps melt and ocean levels rise and the water goes into the St. Lawrence seaway and into the Great Lakes.

  3. isa Says:

    boy, i can’t wait for august…

  4. webmomster Says:

    too much global warming, and those poor Emperor Penguins will all suffer from Heat Stroke!! Then Pengie will be all alone in the world… (well, at least he DOES have The Rookery in Janet’s room 😉 )