Email Cheetah in a black hole

ports.jpgFirst of all, I ordered a modem today. It is supposed to allow me to hook up my Macbook to The Internets with just a dial-up connection. I cannot for the life of me figure out how Apple got the idea that it was okay to quietly start selling laptop computers without modems. Do they *really* think that everyone in the world has wifi access? What about my cabin in The Great White North on the Shores of Gitchee Gumee? Eh? I mean, it is *possible* to get a DSL there. But what do I do with the DSL during the 8-9 months of the year the place is uninhabitable? I’m not sure it’s possible to get a month-to-month contract on those. And The Grinch Connection is not connected. Because “old stuff” doesn’t talk to “new stuff.” I’m sure y’all are wondering something like, “well, didn’t you *know* you were buying a computer without a modem?” grok grok. Yeah, I’m wonderin’ that, y’ stoopid ol’ bag! Grok grok [Shut up, Froog.] NO, I did NOT know I was buying a computer without a modem! In fact, it was two months later that I figured it out. And that was only because Marci was scrutinizing the ports one Monday at coffee. Am I embarrassed? Only a little. I think that Apple should have written in big red letters on the outside of the computer, “NO MODEM!” Sheesh! I also think they should give me a free modem, but I’m not sure I have the psychic energy to fight with them over $49. Lesson learned? You betcha.

So, if I am not Email Cheetah for a couple days, it is because I have to either MacStumble around the woods trying to find a wifi connection or drive in to town and use the one at Penney’s Kitchen or Cup of the Day or behind The Comfort Inn or The Commander’s house or whatever. Cheers!

5 Responses to “Email Cheetah in a black hole”

  1. webmomster Says:

    you are actually OUT at The Cabin?!?!?

    *turning green with envy*

  2. Sam Says:

    (green here, too, but not a Froogy-green, more Southeastern spring green) The modem —or lack thereof—was something the geeks picked up on right away when the tech specs were released, but since they tend to be using fast to super-fast pipes, what the hey, they said, if I need a modem, I’ll get a stand-alone, and not have to carry it about if I don’t! All to the good! (As I understand it!)

  3. GG Says:

    I’ll bet we can get Betty/Mike’s high speed link working and you won’t need any friggin modem. The old stuff not talking to the new stuff story does not make sense since the network stuff is all new.

  4. kayak woman Says:

    I am at the cabin. It’s warm up here. Correction, at the moment, I’m at Kenny’s Pitchen, where I *cannot* seem to get on-line but Aimee can, with a powerbook. Go figure. Oh, so how *am* I online? By using one o’ their old PCs in the back, of course.

    We are going to try to get Grinch’s network working later today, we don’t buy his story either and no one is interested in going down into “the pit” to get on-line. 😉 I already ordered the “friggin” modem. Too late.

  5. kayak woman Says:

    P.S. We may get The Grinch Connection working eventually but I do not want to be dependent on a connection two doors down. $49 works for me. And they deliver to Swamp Monster Lane or whatever the heck the name of our road is.