Don and Jack and Offline Blahgging

donandjack.jpgBoy oh boy, it sure is hard to be a blahgger when you don’t have an internet connection. Couldn’t get on at Penny’s Kitchen yesterday, do not know why. Couldn’t get The Grinch Connection working last night due to obsolete DSL modem. Could see a “Comtrends” (or something) wifi from Radical Betty’s but couldn’t access it. Where that wifi was, I have NO idea! So, I’m here at The Commander’s doing a quick little blahg before I go off into the wilderness again. Today’s subject is Jack and Don’s birthdays. Jack would’ve been 88 today and Don would be 91 (right?) on the 11th. So, click here or click the picture to see some pictures, old and older. We’re going to celebrate by hiking up at Naomikong and lasagne out at the cabin. Other than that, Aimée is here for a couple of very short days and I’m just going with the flow here. Adventures and just hanging out. My new modem is supposed to get here tomorrow. With luck, I’ll get back on line at the cabin. Back into the black hole. Sayonara, Email Cheetah.

3 Responses to “Don and Jack and Offline Blahgging”

  1. isa Says:

    happy birthday grandroobly and uncle don!

    (moom can you send me the recipe for the plain cheesecake in betty crocker (i think it’s betty crocker). jessie’s birthday is this sunday.)

  2. Webmomster Says:

    Y’know – that pic of Jack, Don & Jim throws me right back to MTU days…’cuz that’s basically how Jim looked while we were up there!! And for a few years after marriage (then the hair got shorter and the mustache disappeared; big aviator glasses (with gradient tint), then contacts, then LASIK.

    Jack & Don pretty much looked the same for most of the rest of their lives – just more relaxed after retirement 😉

  3. Sandy Says:

    Correct on Don’s age. Thanks for the great pictures. Sandy