Ticks and Frogs and Spiders, Oh My

My modem is supposed to come today and maybe I’ll get online and maybe not and I still cannot get my Macbook online at Penny’s Kitchen, which is where I am at the moment, so I’m gonna write a really quick higgledy-piggledy type blahg and maybe I’ll get on again later and maybe not.

The last couple of days have been a total whirlwind and I miss my cousin already. Aimée returned a couple weeks ago to her home on Lopez Island, Washington after two months in Zimbabwe and Kenya. She promptly loaded up her car (and I mean loaded, kayak and skis and everything) and headed across country. Got here Monday night and left this morning. On to Maine to pursue a nursing degree (RN) in an accelerated program. Does this make your head spin and what is it about my cousins and I that makes us go back to school at this age? I dunno.

We have been bombing around at Iroquois, Naomikong, the beach, town, you name it. Trying unsuccessfully (for the most part) to get onto the internet. Cleaning the cabin (little bits at a time), having lunch at Penny’s, taking ticks in to the experts for identification. I dunno what else. Beautiful on the beach today but I’m feeling a little melancholy, missing the old days and all that rot. Got millions of pics to post but sayonara until later (maybe), Email Cheetah.

2 Responses to “Ticks and Frogs and Spiders, Oh My”

  1. Sam Says:

    M’dear, you can ID poison ivy but not ticks? You must learn your parasites! (härhär)

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, only took me what? 52 years to learn to ID PI! 🙂