Bwa Ha Ha! Email Cheetah Online!!!

Via my new modem, cute little pocket-sized device, who knew? Except for ol’ Doc Burns and his posse, that is. And a trip to Brimley to reconnect up to Jamadots. After all that, I think I’ll fling a kayak into the lake! This is May? In Michigan?? In the Yoop?????

3 Responses to “Bwa Ha Ha! Email Cheetah Online!!!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Welcome back to the www, Cheetah! (Have I ever mentioned I once heard a cheetah purr? They’re the only big cat that does!)

  2. Valdemort Says:

    We’ve had an odd (but certainly not unwelcome!) trend of *nice* Mays since Dad’s last trip Up North . . .

  3. kayak woman Says: