“Well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory”?

I think this quote from February is where all of the current political chaos started. I can’t write about this complicated situation, at least not eloquently, so I’m not gonna try very hard.

But I want to know a few things. If y’all get Joe to step down, who are you going to run in his place? Kamala? I have nothing against Kamala but I don’t think she would beat Trump. I mean, I’m not even sure Joe can beat Trump at this point.

A lot of my MAGA buddies (yes, I have some) are terrified that “it’ll go back to the Obamas.” As near as I can figger, that vague statement seems to mean some sort of black magic will happen and Michelle will become president. This puzzles me to no end because that I know of, Michelle has said over and over and over that she has no interest in the presidency. So where the f*ck is this BS coming from? The so-called Deep State? And what the heck *is* the Deep State? [Don’t answer that.]

How soon is the Democratic convention? Pretty soon, right? I don’t know a whole lot about the 1968 convention. I was not very politically aware back then except maybe for “stop the [Viet Nam] war” and “lower the voting (drinking) age”, issues that affected meeeee pretty directly. But google that convention if you dare.

Why is no one talking about Trump and his constant spewing of lies, not to mention Word Salad? Cognitive issues? This drove me NUTS in 2016 and it seems like I’m only hearing other people *occasionally* talk about it now. Why is he being taken seriously?

Do y’all really want to vote for a guy who wants to be a dictator? Do you have any idea what it’s like to live under the whims of a narcissistic person? I do not, thanks to the fact that the generation before me fought to eradicate Nazi fascism. I don’t want to go back there. And yes, I believe Trump when he talks about being a dictator for a day. That scares the sh*t out of me, but even scarier is imagining him deciding to continue his dictatorship indefinitely with all of his yay-hoo “base” supporting him. The Q Shaman? The Proud Boys? No thanks. Then, when he dies, would we end up with “Baby Trump”? (Remember Haiti’s Baby Doc?) Is that what we want? Really? Why is he being taken seriously? Yes, I intentionally repeated that question.

I do not want a dictatorship, even for a day. As messy and slow as democracy is, I would rather keep the status quo. I do NOT think Joe has dementia. The debate was horrible but he doesn’t sound like that all the time. He sounded SICK! I mean with a debilitating cold virus, not Alzheimer’s. And his opponent is a narcissistic lunatic.

Okay, this entry is kinda all over the place. It’s not because I have dementia, it’s because these are all really complicated issues and I’m a relatively uninformed but very concerned citizen writing a quick blahg entry, not a book. And the lawyer who made the quote in the title had no business stating an opinion like that. He is not qualified to comment on someone’s mental status.

Love y’all, even my MAGA friends although I wish you would expand your information sources, not to mention hone your critical thinking skills. G’night from the Shores of Gitchee Gumee. A few MOE-skee-TOES but not terrible.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m so frustrated and frightened that I can’t even write coherently about any of this.

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