Shades of the past

Back when I and my brother and cousins had young beach urchins, there were often moments of “strife” or whatever you want to call it. “Strife?” Yes. The strife that happens when multiple families with children share a small space, even for a short time.

Radical Betty, who spent many summers (but not all because she and the family were in Alaska for a while with her Air Force colonel husband) in the Old Cabin with her sister and their children, would gnoff and gnoff about the craziness that sometimes happened over there. She would say “shades of the past” when we would kvetch about whatever we had going on with our children and their cousins.

Here at the moomincabin, we are GREATLY enjoying watching my cousins and their children and grandchildren. My cousins’ children are my first cousins once removed and their grandchildren are my first cousins twice removed and my children’s second cousins once removed) Need a picture? Oh Granddaddy what the heck did you start here? Whatever it is, it’s good. We got The Engineer’s (my late brother) Tonka trucks out and some other beach toys for the young cousins to play with. Good to see them get some use.

The moomindeck provides a bit of respite for those who need to chill out and today it provided entertainment for a two-year-old who was insistent on visiting the “other” cabin. Which is the moomincabin. This sweet kiddo has figured out that the Old Cabin and the moomincabin are deeply connected and it was a total riot to watch and listen to him. He especially likes the door. Doors in general, I’m told. We don’t share the same language quiiiite yet but we will soon enough.

The pic is from a few nights ago when we put The Cranberries on Wonderboom (our pod). Delores O’Riordan committed suicide a few years ago (pre-covid) and we were here when we heard the news. This music was MAJOR for us when the beach urchins were teens and tweens and we would be rambling around through the northern lower, usually over by the beautiful Jordan Valley. Usually but not always in The Indefatigable (1992 Jeep Wrangler).

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I knew she had died but didn’t realize it was a suicide. 🙁 We took family vacations to Ocean Shores for a bunch of years and there was also family strife. Not major stuff because I don’t even remember the details.

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