Trail blazin’

I had to take this pic before the GG took a MUCH NEEDED shower. He is sporting a North County Trail “blaze” on the bridge of his nose. I posted this photo on facebook and it has gone “viral” in a minor way.

The GG and Lizard Breath took off this morning on a junket to paint blazes on the North Country Trail north of Tahquamenon Falls. I was looking forward to a day of space-ification so I could “reset” the refrigerator, etc. Some next door cousins interrupted that for a bit but I love them and was HAPPY to hang out with them for a while.

The GG and friends are always working hard on keeping the Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore section of the North Country Trail in good shape but they are working extra hard this year because the annual NCT “celebration” will be held in St. Ignace this year.

People sometimes wonder why we, who live on the Planet Ann Arbor, are volunteers with an upper peninsula North Country Trail chapter. Well, it’s because I grew up here and thanks to my parents and grandparents, still own property up here. When I am talking to people I don’t want to get complicated with (like my boss, etc.), I just say, “A hundred years ago, my grandfather bought a beach and we still have it.” It isn’t that simple but it’s close.

Years ago, we hiked the NCT for the first time. We got lost a few times. Kinda scary when you are hiking in the woods and can’t find the trail. After that the GG ran across the Shore-to-Shore chapter. Most hikers are introverts so getting to know these folks was a bit awkward at first but they became wonderful friends. It helped that one of the group knew The Comm and Radical Betty. Our NCT chapter has been very active over the years and our section of trail is now actively patrolled by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who paint blazes, lop hanging branches, and chainsaw fallen logs and things. To be clear, our chainsaw folks (including the GG) are trained and certified.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    You must explain blaze to me. Do they paint directional signs? So no one (like me, no sense of direction) gets lost? I would love to have a beach house although I don’t want the upkeep. 🙂

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