How could I dance with her motherrrrrrrr? Whoooooo! When I saw her staaa-anding there.

heronfogWhy yes! I do feel as I’ve been hit by a train! Thank you for asking! I’m sure I have blathered about this somewhere or another but today I can’t help but remember another job I once had during another sometimes stressful time in my life and how it could sometimes actually be a relief to go to work. It was oh probably about 1989 and we were going through the second round of toilet training around here. I won’t go into detail but it was a bit more difficult the second time. Maybe it was because “Gah” (aka The Commander) wasn’t around to effectively take over the job from her incompetent daughter like she did with the first beach urchin. Maybe the second beach urchin was just a bit more experimental. Whatever it was, after a stressful morning on the home front, I staggered into my old office one day and when I got over by the coffee maker, there was a puddle on the floor. It wasn’t very big but it was a rather suspicious looking yellowish color and I jumped about a mile. Of course it was coffee! My long-suffering boss said, “Sit down, Mama!” And I did. Secure in the idea that I wasn’t going to lose that particular job just because I was having a kind of a slow day. Did the toilet training ever come to an end? Of *course* it did. I love to remind people with three-year-olds that one of these days, their child will be 13 and toilet training will be the least of their worries.

It has been a very long summer and sometimes I have to figure out where I am by reading my blahg just so you know I am really not blathering on here for you, it’s so I can keep track of myself. I really could’ve used all of yesterday up on the moominbeach but I also needed to get back to work and so here I am. My house looks like it has been hit by a tornado and I am not talking about a white tornado. I am working my way through washing a huge shambling mound of sheets and towels and dish rags down in my basement. It’s okay. I like to do laundry and dishes and things. It’s vacuuming I hate. Take a note, you guys. You know who you are. Say it in a British accent. And a blasted smoke alarm is chirping in the basement and I think that smoke alarms are the most UN-user-friendly items on the face of the planet. I know they save lives, yada yada yada. But when they run out of battery and you take the blasted battery OUT and they STILL CHIRP!?! All night long!?! I dunno what to do. No suggestions please. It’s already complicated enough around here!

Anyway. After breakfast with Mouse and our visitor from the left coast, I went to work. My work is different now and my new long-suffering boss is great but not the same as my old boss. I had to dodge a crap-load of goose poop and a few puddles in the parking lot today but there were no puddles inside the building. Oddly enough my blasted *brain* was able to focus today! Things I couldn’t bang my head against to save my life a couple of weeks ago flowed out of my head into a carefully crafted workflow of web pages and even some tentative off-line html pages. Fingers crossed that they’ll fly.

Click here or on the pic for more foggy photos of the morning of Radical Betty’s celebration. And Mouse has photos on her site of the actual celebration.

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  1. Julia W Says:

    I remember the bear Aunt Betty had sitting by the window. We also collected beach glass and numerous other treasures in the sand. Aunt Betty was a great woman. You are a great woman too, you keep on living in her honor and carrying out her legacy to perpetuate greatness!!