Note to self…

beachaugustTomorrow when you get off the blasted I94 18-wheel Clogway at the Jackson Road exit, get in the blasted left turn lane! Yes, I know that you usually turn right onto Jackson and make a left turn at the Jackson/N. Maple light. Not tomorrow. No way. Go left. Go out to Wagner and go around.

Okay. I could not get home today. There is now *finally* construction on N. Maple. That means the whole Westgate/Maple Village area is a jammed up congested mess. I blame myself. There were signs out warning us about construction when we got home on Labor Day and orange construction barrels were lined up on the curb. At the ready. I knew this would be a mess. I didn’t register the whole thing until after I’d been sitting in the Jackson/N. Maple left turn lane for a while this afternoon. I finally figured it out and then, when I finally managed to get out of that left turn lane and take an alternate route, I realized that everybody else was doing the same dern thing. Yikes.

I did get home but September is not gonna be a fun commuting month. There is no “back way” into my neighborhood. There are three outlets from my street to the same construction-obstructed street. The last time anyone (that I know of) tried to take a “back way” was when some young man tried to drive his muscle-type vee-hickle through the *walking* entrance to the school at the end of my street. Where there is not a road… I don’t know who he was but when I took my early morning walk, his vee-hickle was hopelessly mired in the mud that forms down there during the spring season. I didn’t call the po-leese (I was too busy laughing) and apparently no one else did either and by about 10 AM, his vee-hickle was gone.

5 Responses to “Note to self…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There is massive construction right on the corner of my high school and NO way around it. They’ll be doing something until December. Today the road was so torn up that I told the flagger that this was REAL four wheeling. It’s a pain though when I’m trying to get to work or get away in a reasonable amount of time. (I’m getting there about 6:50 to try to beat their start time) 🙂

  2. Marquis Says:

    Try having all the I-64 traffic routed through not by, but through your neighborhood and not just for a month, but for a full year. Additional benefits include turning many of our neighborhood streets into one way streets and having a police car posted on every corner during rush hour. One month of construction? I say phew!

  3. Sam Says:

    When I was a kid our whole stretch of road was under construction. I remember walking 1/2 mile to board the schoolbus at the mile-road corner. Likewise, the men headed off to work (those were the days) walked to the corner where the cars were parked in their work clothes/shoes. There was no way to drive to your driveway. I suppose this lasted for something like a month, but in my memory it’s longer. Luck with the situation you face….

  4. jane Says:

    I have a little story too. my block is currently under construction — had to park on another street last night and for the next couple nights as well. It’s been torn up for a couple weeks now, but it seems they’re now up to doing the ‘serious’ work. They were nice enough to put notes on the apartment doors saying essentially ‘if you want to get your car out of the parking lot, you better do it now!’ 😉

    nothing comparing to a month or a year, just my two cents.

  5. Tonya Says:

    When we were in Chicago (and points north) last month, there was construction EVERY-DAMNED-WHERE. Freeways, side-roads, you name it. All that shovel-ready stuff happening. I wish I’d bought stock in whomever manufacturers all those construction cones.