Beach Soundbites

Literally sound bites, the video is incidental here. It’s early morning on Radical Betty’s deck. Calm and fog, which burned off into a hot beach day. Don’t be too envious, all you beach folk. Today it is sunny, cold, and windy. Did I say cold? I am not kayaking and I’m glad I brought my ski jacket after all!

P.S. Sheesh! I am on dial-up right now and getting a first-hand look at how slowly videos load at these speeds. Readers with dial-up, I’m sorry! Just goes to show it’s a good idea for all web designers to use dial-up once in a while. Keeps us humble!!!

2 Responses to “Beach Soundbites”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Interesting whistle reports. One long confirmed by one long. Port to Port?
    Oh to be up where the boats slide by ….. 🙂

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Hey, Porter! It was very foggy and whatever boats were out there were blowing because of that. When I got in the shower that morning, I didn’t realize that it was foggy yet and a boat blew this l-o-o-nnnng horn and I had one of those batscope moments and thought, “what the heck is *that*?” Of *course*, it was a freighter. I stood out there with my digital cam set on movie, waited for a boat to blow and hit the record button. Stitched it together later in iMovie. Cheap entertainment! 🙂