Burnt Out!

danaxegrad.jpgJust got back from a long hike on the North Country Trail, from the trailhead on the Tahqua Trail to the Lower Falls campground. Twenty people and a few dogs. A *lot* of time was spent dealing with the complicated logistics of spotting cars. The walking trail itself was 8.8 miles but the driving distance is more like, oh, say, lemme see, 10 miles from the lower falls to Paradise, six(?) from Paradise to the Tahqua Trail and 5 miles in to the trailhead. 21 miles. Give or take some. I lost track of the odometer between Paradise and the Tahqua Trail. Literally feet north of the Tahqua Trail entrance, a car hit and killed a young moose, providing quite some distraction. I’m not sure *exactly* when it happened but I *think* it was either just before or just after I drove that stretch of highway, heading up to spot my vee-hickle at the falls. Lucky break if that was the case!! Beautiful trail, lots of up and down, *lots* of up and down. I’d post pics of both the trail and adventures earlier this week but I am beat and the dial-up is too slow, so y’all’ll just have to wait a day or maybe two since I’m gonna drive back down to The Planet tomorrow. As Radical Betty says, “everybody is bailing out.” But we’re not, really. Summer is just starting a little earlier these days. Jay and Rey are supposed to arrive tonight or tomorrow and Bugs and Horsey will also get here tomorrow. And now I am halfway through an A-hattan and Radical Betty is here to have a drink and I think we’re cooking hamburgs on a bun and I dunno what else. I’m feeling kind of buggity tonight. Ciao Bambinos! Oh yeah, the kid in the middle of the pic is Daniel Regenstreif Axe who just graduated from Webster College with a Bachelor of Arts. Or some such thing. Yay!

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