The Ryerson and Purple Beach Glass. Omens for a good summer?

beachglass.jpg32 degrees or thereabouts this morning. Calm, quiet, and sunny. I left two beach chairs out for Jack and Jim. I hauled my kayak up over the bank and when I went back to get the paddle, there was a perfect piece of purple beach glass where the kayak had been. And then the Ryerson went by. Last boat of the weekend. But not the season. Because the season is just getting started. You guys, keep track of that place for us until we can get back. Make sure Froog behaves himself, after all, he is a guest this week. And haunt The Commander if she doesn’t turn off the stove.

Below are pics of some of our adventures this week, click on the thumbnails for slide shows. No, North Country Trail pics are *not* up yet. I’ll get there but there are about a quatrillion of those.

click on thumbnails for slide shows

4 Responses to “The Ryerson and Purple Beach Glass. Omens for a good summer?”

  1. jane Says:

    purple beach glass is ALWAYS a good thing. I’ll have to check the mantle in the old cabin to see if the piece I picked up years ago is still there. Bubs has a very bad habit of ‘cleaning off’ the mantle and tossing perfectly good ‘stuff’ (like beach glass and cool driftwood) back in the water, out in the woods, into the fire. sheesh, can’t she tell the difference between ‘stuff’ and ‘crap’?

  2. isa Says:

    this might be one of my favorite ababsurdo posts ever. send me some of those beach pics?

  3. l4827 Says:

    See purple glass, where da boat? Yeousers! Is that way off normal water? One could look fer gold coins in that doubloon. Can ya walk to Round Island? With all that sand, one could almost have a beach fire at the Canadian boarder, or near 5 mile point? Another .

  4. A purposeless knitter in search of her eloquence » Blog Archive » Ravelry Says:

    […] The Sneak’s socks, sent out on Tuesday. I made them with a shorter cuff, and a little bit of feather and fan at the very top to help keep them up. I guess she’ll let me know how that works out. =D (She got them. I’ve been sitting on this entry for days, and I’m really not sure why.) At the moment, there is nothing that could make me more jealous than this. Why do I have to stay in school until June? Whhyy? I would much rather be in the Great White North. So, there. I can’t believe how far out the water is this year. Usually most of that is under water. […]