mermaidOnce upon a time, back in the days when I was “rolling my own” blahg without the help of the wonderful WordPress blahgging platform, one of my entries was, in its entirety, “Grrr”. That’s right. That wasn’t even the title. I didn’t have titles back then. I edited an html file every day to add a new blahg entry. It’s okay, html is easy for me. I’ve been using it since 1998 or thereabouts, back in the Wild Wild West days of the World Wide Web. W6? I appreciate WordPress greatly and even more, I appreciate “my” web server guy, who does the blasted WordPress upgrades *for* me. But I still do my editing in WordPress html mode and my old-school slide shows are hand coded, baby! Cheap, dirty, and ugly but sometimes that’s all you need to get you through the night.

Anyway, I can’t find the “Grrr” entry in my archives. It involved some stressful events that occurred during an early morning departure from the Landfill to [Sault Ste.] Siberia. I don’t remember exactly what happened but someone (I won’t say who) was acting a lot like his father. Or maybe he was acting like my father. Either way, it was not fun. So, I posted my “Grrr” entry and the next time I looked at my email (I didn’t have a “comment page” in that roll-yer-own blahg) the Marquis had sent a message stating very clearly that “Grrr” was NOT a “proper” blahg entry. Say what? Obviously, the Marquis had not been at the Landfill that morning!

Anyway, I actually had a *good* day today. Productive and the whole nine yards. But I was grumpy. I was grumpy because I was taaarrrred of communicating with other people. I don’t mean the people I work with. Work was fine today. Just people in general throughout all the years of my life. So often, I feel like people think I don’t have a working brain. They tell me the same blasted stories over and over again. Or I make an off-hand comment about a small problem I have that I am already figuring out solutions for and they jump in to offer all kinds of overwhelming irrelevant suggestions. Or they ask me questions and don’t listen to the answers. Or I make an off-hand, rather sloppy comment about something trivial and they correct me!!!!! Or they tell me, repeatedly, how to do something that I already know how to do. Occasionally, it’s something I even have *expertise* in. Maybe even more expertise than they do. What? Little ol’ baggy ol’ me? Expertise in something? Naw, that baggy ol’ bag wouldn’t know anything about that. Kee-reist!

I think I had more to say but that is probably enough for now. And I don’t always feel like this. It was just bothering me today. And I probably do this stuff too… If I have done it to you, I apologize. Sigh. G’night.

One Response to “Grrr”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Today kids didn’t listen very well and I felt boring. Blah. Can you fix these problems for me? 🙂