iClick. iClick. iClick.

Grok grok. So. Ol’ Baggy wuz asleep on th’ ol’ couch in th’ bak rooom last nite ‘n’ Mouse wuz tryin’ t’ wake th’ ol bag up ‘n’ I was clickin’ my i-balls t’gether ‘n’ it wuzzint werkin’. Enyway, click on my li’l thermommyter t’ heer th’ rest o’ th’ story ‘n’ heer me sing one o’ my favrit li’l ditties too!



3 Responses to “iClick. iClick. iClick.”

  1. mouse Says:

    Well, Frog? That’s just about right. You tell that old witch.

    Isn’t she mad at you for getting into Garageband? (At least you’re not dripping all over my spinning wheel this time!)

  2. Aimee Nassoiy Says:

    Frogggggggggeeeeeeeeyy! Love the eyeclicks, us mere humans lack that ability. . . I’ll keep my ears open for you. (I never knew anymore of that silly song either.)
    Keep singing whenever you can put your webfeet on the ‘puter!

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