I love hate cruise control!

I am awake again today (or maybe alive is a better word?) and I am at Houghton Lake for the third time since Sunday and since the water is now turned on, I finally washed the dishes I left in the sink when The Commander and I blew through on Sunday. I could’ve used a couple days at home alone but I got up and dragged myself out and crammed myself into the car this morning anyway. I didn’t drive this time, at least not from the driver’s seat, and that felt pretty good for a change.

The waitress at Yvonne’s, whom we have met exactly *once* previously, somehow remembered that I am a student, so she asked me all about school and whether I was taking classes this summer but forgot to give us menus. And, no, I’m not taking classes this summer and I didn’t even try to explain to her about using javascript to traverse and modify the DOM, which is what I was working on in the car when I wasn’t backseat driving.

Gasoline was $3.63 a gallon pretty much everywhere except within orbit range of The Planet Ann Arbor, where it was higher (I’m can’t remember how much higher, I guess I’m blocking it) and Prudenville, where it was down around $3.47. Get it quick, you guys, before the hordes arrive for the holiday weekend! And Sam (archaeologist, not dog), if you’re reading this, if you *do* go to A2 on Monday, plan on getting gas somewhere else!!! We seem to be under some weird sort of siege there.

So far, it’s just me and the GG up here. Kathy and Doug are supposed to show up at some point and maybe some Courtoisclan members. Hope so anyway! 🙂 The Uncliest Uncle and The Beautiful Gay are hanging around down in Florida for Tim’s graduation and I should remember what his latest degree is but I am ashamed to say that I don’t, so somebody enlighten us please. Last Memorial Day weekend there were about a traquillion people up here at the cabin. I like it when there are a traquillion people here and I like it when there aren’t.

It is hot, hazy, and windy here. Way too windy to kayak, even if you like your boat to bounce around a bit. And lemme see. The little mousey is spending the weekend contemplating the end of her college sophomore year, junior year study abroad in Sénégal, and whatever comes after. Or maybe she’s just contemplating sheep. And even cowgirls get the blues. Or not. Given that my favorite Berkeley cowgirls are taking off on a Memorial Day joyride “up north” to a music festival. The west coast version of “up north,” not the Great Lake State version.

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  1. Sam Says:

    KW, thanks for the gas-buying tip. So far, we’re still on the “free” tank of gas that the dealer “gave” us with the NEW CAR! You do check ___gasprices.com (like michigangasprices.com or atlantagasprices.com, etc.), don’t you? Extremely helpful!