Grok grok grok! I em a stowaway!

planetsfGrok grok grok! Gess ware I em!!! C’n y’ see? C’n y’ see th’ ol’ blu anjils bak thare. Naw mabee y’ can’t! Grok grok grok! I stoed away in Ol’ Baggy’s baggidge! Grok grok. Hay, that’s prittee funnee thare, Ol’ Baggy’s baggidge. Git it! Grok grok! Ferst o’ all, Ol’ Baggy almost didn’ git t’ git on th’ plane ’cause th’ Ol’ Grumper made ‘er plane reservashun in th’ wrong name so ‘er bordin’ pass didn’ match ‘er driver’s lisuns. Sum grumpee ol’ bag at th’ baggidge counter fixt it after a bunch o’ kumplanin’ tho. Grok grok. ‘n’ then a hole bunch o’ ol’ party guys wer sittin’ on th’ ol’ plane behind Ol’ Baggy ‘n’ Mouse in ol’ Dee-troit Metro ‘n’ thay tried t’ throw Ol’ Baggy’s baggage off th’ plane!!! With meeeeeeeee in it!!!! Thay wer on thare way t’ Saskatchy-wan t’ go huntin’ fer sump’n. I hope it wuzzn’t frogs!! Grok grok. Mouse didn’ think thay smelled vary good but Ol’ Baggy wuz partyin’ away with th’ ol’ huntin’ boyz. Grok grok! ‘n’ then th’ ol’ Grumper almos’ went t’ Seattle becuz wen we wer in Minnyapples, ‘e ‘ad ‘iz blastid eer fonz in wen thay were callin’ seets fer th’ planez. That got a hole bunch o’ ol’ baggy ol’ peepul laffin’!!! Grok grok. ‘n’ then, thay had t’ drag Ol’ Baggy off th’ plane in San Fransisky cuz she got int’ th’ ol’ whine ‘n’ she wuz all past out ‘n’ snorin’ wen th’ plane landed. Enyway, nobuddy found cute li’l ol’ me ’til we got out heer t’ San Fransisky so I’m a-hoppin’ all over th’ plase!!! ‘n’ it’s sump’n calld Ol’ Navy Week er sump’n like that ‘n’ th’ Blu Anjils ar heer ‘n’ thare flyin’ all over th’ plase ‘n’ Ol’ Baggy keeps runnin’ out ‘n th’ street t’ try t’ git a picher o’ them ‘n’ my owner keeps havin’ t’ remind Ol’ Baggy t’ git outta th’ street so she duzzn’t git run over by a streeeeetcar. ‘n’ thare’s sum other stoopid stuff that Ol’ Baggy keeps doin’ too. She’s just a baggy ol’ Yooper! Yoop yoop yoop! Grok grok grok!!

4 Responses to “Grok grok grok! I em a stowaway!”

  1. Marquis Says:

    Sounds like you had a “nice” flight. You landed safely, Roght! Good-Bye!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Almost ended up in Seattle, eh? You could have visited me. Have a great time!!

  3. UU Says:

    Well San Fran is not Richmond…errr..Richmond is not San Fran, but it is still cool.

  4. Kathy Farnell Says:

    So the Twinz of Terror are visiting opposite ends of the country. Hope everyone is having a good time. ( Steven would have enjoyed walking around Seattle with you too!)