The hill between the yarn stores

cali18I’ve been hearing about the hill between the yarn stores for a while now. Today I found it, all on my own, without directions. Without even looking for it. The GG and I left our hotel this morning and started walking. I had a couple of items in mind to photograph and I did that and we kept walking and all of a sudden there was Imagiknit! A yarn store. Right there. We hung a left straight up into the blasted sky. Seriously, the sidewalk was so steep, this here flatlander had to watch her *feet* and just keep trudging on to keep from falling down! Up, up, and up, we went. At the end of two looonnnnnng blocks, there were some staircases. Up we went. Dizzy? Yes. Still. On the landing halfway up the staircase, a homeless guy was organizing his belongings for the day, muttering and jabbering away about whatever. I wondered, “how the heck does he *sleep* here without worrying about falling off the staircase and rolling down the hill?” It got worse past the staircase. It turned into a street and sidewalks again. This time there were stairs cut into the sidewalks in some places. That was a little better. I thought. Then I came to a driveway. It angled up the hill and down into the street all at the same time. I couldn’t go another step! I forced my head up and peered warily across the street. That sidewalk had a few more steps cut out. I thought I might be able to manage it. I inched myself around, headed back down, crossed the street and went up the other side. I made it up that little stretch and beyond but we never did get to the absolute top of that hill, so we did not go down the other side, therefore we never found the yarn store at the *other* end of the hill. I guess that makes me determined to go back and conquer that hill some other day.

That was just the start of the day. I have no idea how many miles we walked today. We did some stuff in the mission and then we took the Bart down to somewhere in the financial district and then we walked over and all the way up to Coit Tower. I bet most of the other folks up there today did not walk all the way up. Then we walked back through China town and a big fancy shopping district with Macy’s and the whole works and got the Bart back to the mission and walked back to the hotel. I am done. I put a new photo set on Flickr. Some familiar San Fran tourist-type views and some not. Click here or on the photo.

7 Responses to “The hill between the yarn stores”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember when my husband drove our SUV down that really famously steep SF hill with me having a panic attack!! What fun to explore the city. We did notice how many homeless there were there though. It was sad. Hope the weather has been good for you!

  2. jane Says:

    way cool photos. view from Coit Tower on a clear (no fog) evening is very cool as well! check it out.

    and hello to Lizard Breath!!!

  3. Jay Says:

    Cool sounding hills. They sound like they must be higher than Seattle’s hills. Like to give them a walk sometime. Seattle has several hills where there are extra 1″ strips of concrete on the sidewalk, kind of like rumble strips. Hope you continue to have good weather.

  4. slouchy Says:

    The Blahg! I love it!

  5. grandmothertrucker Says:

    I’m in St. Louie, but I’ll be in Flint by 3 am. I just drove here from Amarillo….. we got the country covered, don’t we?????

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