Happy Boss’s Day!!!

dumpsterYes, that’s today. Unfortunately, my long-suffering, cat-herding boss did not get a whole heckuva lot of recognition although I think he did get a bit of the usual harassment. Not from me. I don’t think. I was pretty much head down boogity boogity today. I didn’t find out about Boss’s Day until I went to get coffee this morning and a friend on another team was cutting a pan of brownies into pieces and putting them on a plate. She was doing that because her kids had eaten a couple of the brownies already and she didn’t really want her boss to know that. I’m sure her boss (who has children too) would’ve laughed. And, anyway, that boss got more than my boss got. And, no, the brownies did not have any blasted pot in them.

Rewind… I always seem to work for interesting bosses and about a billion years ago I worked for Byron. He was a wonderful boss but, for whatever reason, Lizard Breath was terrified of him when she was a little girl. Once, we were driving down Miller and I heard Liz say to a friend, “My mom’s boss is *Byron*!” And they both screamed. And once, when we were in the parking lot at my work waiting for the GG to come out and drive the girls home while I went in to work. Suddenly, Lizard Breath dived down on to the floor of the old rickety red minivan yelling, “Mom, Byron’s coming!!!” Yes. Byron was walking out to his vee-hickle. Man oh man, such a tyrant!! Not! I loved working for Byron and that was a long, long time ago and he put up with a HUGE amount of harassment from his employees and I miss him now.

So, back in the day when I worked for Byron, one day Lizard Breath piped up with, “Mom, why is Grandma the boss of Granddaddy?” Yes. Good question. She had been thinking a bit.

These days, I have another boss. He isn’t like Byron at all but he is eccentric in his own right and is also a good boss. He has to be to put up with the likes of me!!! And I am sorry I didn’t think of something to do for Boss’s Day. Except I didn’t know it *was* Boss’s Day until I got there. Oh well.

4 Responses to “Happy Boss’s Day!!!”

  1. Kathy Farnell Says:

    The look on GG’s face says, “That guy beat me to the garbage in the dumpster!” Haha!!!!

  2. gg Says:

    … grump … growl …

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  4. Jay Says:

    Our boss’s day turned into a food extravaganza – any excuse. Each department had a bit going on. Bagels & creamcheese in one, full on lunch with roast chicken, salad etc in another. Ours had pumpkin roll (with cream cheese) in the morning, and apples slices with caramel sauce in the afternoon. It was really good.