The good, the bad, and the ugly

cali27The good? The good? Yes, the good. Actually, it started out with a bit of bad when I got up this morning and discovered that my loverly old MacBook was sitting there at 9% battery life. You know the one. The MacBook with 9 gig left on it and mailing tape holding it together. (Hmm, 9% and 9 gig… unlucky number?) Anyway. This was a little surprising because it was PLUGGED IN to a powerstrip!!! Alas, the teensy little green light on the connector was not glowing.

This called for a trip to the dreaded Apple store. I was not excited. In the first place, the Apple store is deep within Briarwood Mall and I HATE to go to Briarwood Mall even on a good day. I figured the best place to park would be near Macy’s and that would mean that I’d have to walk through Macy’s, past all of those velociraptors that like to spray perfume at me. Yuck. And then there’s our Apple store itself. The one that doesn’t have a checkout counter. I have had some weird experiences there. I won’t write about them again today, y’all canclick here if you want.

I needed my MacBook so I steeled myself for a mad dash through the mall (during the half hour I allow myself for lunch) and the usual chaotic experience at the Apple store. Guess what? I did park at Macy’s and I cruised through there without a perfume encounter and I even saw some cashmere scarves that I’ll have to go back and take another look at. I entered the Apple store at top speed. Woman on a mission!! That’s me. Er, today anyway. A young saleswoman asked if she could help me. “Macbook power cord!” I said. She pointed me to where the accessories are (which I already knew) and I headed back there. Immediately, a young gentleman followed me back there, asked me which MacBook I owned and what color it was, grabbed the correct power cord, and CHECKED ME OUT! Right there. All in under about 60 seconds. He told me I looked like I was in a hurry (yes!) and when I got back to my cube, my emailed receipt had already arrived. Service? Yes, sir!!! I was impressed!

The bad. To the nitwit who tailgated me almost all the way to work. You know, I do not get in the left lane and go 65 mph because I am trying to block traffic. There was a truck over there AHEAD OF ME, who was trying to pass a couple other trucks and I couldn’t go any faster without hitting the truck! Duh! On that particular stretch of freeway, it’s probably a GOOD thing when folks are not going like bats outta hell because there are TWO (count ’em) entrances to the freeway there and one of them is an old cloverleaf things that is just about as bumpy as a two-track out in the tootlies somewhere up in the Yoop. Folks on that ramp are going about 25. And you were getting off at the same exit as I was anyway, which meant you should’ve prob’ly been slowing down and planning to move over. How under the sun do some of these nitwits pass the blasted driving test anyway? This one wasn’t even yapping into a cell phone.

The ugly? My long-suffering, cat-herding boss and I detonated my latest spec this morning and turned it into no less than SIX specs. You do not wanna know. It’s all proprietary stuff and even if it wasn’t y’all wouldn’t understand it. That’s what I get for gallivanting off to San Francisco for a long weekend.

4 Responses to “The good, the bad, and the ugly”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have also been impressed with the service at the Apple store, even though I don’t own a Mac. (Daughter #2 does) I got tailgated all the way home today too and I was already grumpy.

  2. grandmothertrucker Says:

    Trucks are not supposed to be in the left lane there. He/she was trying to pass another truck where they shouldn’t have been. They aren’t supposed to go over 60 either.

    Ya just can’t stop stupid. I’m tired of the ones coming down the entrance ramp over there, and they expect me to move out of their way when there are vehicles in front, in back and on the side of me. I ran one into a barrel the other day, she came around me 2 miles later, in her little cube, darted in front of me and slammed on her breaks. She was mad that I did not bow out of her way when I have the right of way. 2 wrongs do not make a right, but a smashed cube makes a mess.

    Yay powercords!!

  3. Uncly Uncle Says:

    I like that, “you can’t stop stupid”.

    The tailgater when you have someone in front of you drives me nuts.

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