Food week

pinkflowerThursday morning (a week ago). Raspberry danish from some coffee kiosk in Day-Twa Metro. I had ordered a scone and probably ate several bites before I realized I had a danish. I didn’t care. I don’t like to eat a lot when I fly. This was good and about the right size.

Thursday afternoon or whatever. White wine. What the hell, I’ve been up since 0-dark-30. Somewhere over oh, probably about Nebraska.

Thursday afternoon. Late lunch. tacos & beer in the mission (forget the name of the restaurant)

Thursday night. Late dinner. Star’s Pizza (name?). Pizza. Very good. And the GG was a minor celebrity due to his Trogdor the Burninator t-shirt. Who’da thunk.

Friday morning. Early. As in I FORCED myself to stay in bed until 6 AM PDT. Breakfast at our gorgeous hotel, The Inn San Francisco. Yes, I’d stay there again. They even liked (or pretended to like) Froggy! Lots of fruit, sweet breads, quiche, hard-boiled eggs, cereal, coffee, juice, I fergit what else. Wonderful spread. Every day, I would get up, shower and hit the parlors (which is where they put out breakfast). I would check email/twitter/fb while the GG got himself up. We would head to the roof to drink our coffee, then come back down and eat.

Friday morning. Mid-morning, after hiking the hill between the yarn stores. Chocolate croissant at the Dolores Park Cafe (name?). Decadent? What the heck. We walked moiles that day!

Friday afternoon. Sandwiches from a cute little shop near Washington Square Park. We ate on the grass in the park where I refrained from photographing the young woman in the black bra and orange lace thong underwear who was getting drunk with her boyfriend a few yards away from us. Honestly, you do NOT wanna know. I was blanking on the sandwiches at first but mine was a fancy BLT with avocado maybe?

Friday night. Dinner at an Indian restaurant (name?) on steroids. That would be “east” Indian, not “wild” Indian. I’ll save that story for another day.

Saturday morning. Hotel breakfast again.

Saturday around noon. Swigs from some bee pollen drink the GG bought in Sausalito. Thought about eating there but it was really crowded and one of our party needed to get back and work that afternoon. So we got on the ferry and headed back across the bay and returned our bikes and did some complicated navigation back to catch the BART back to the mission and…

LATE lunch at Mr. Pickle!! Just down the street from our hotel. Mama fixed us wonderfully messy sandwiches that we ate on the grass in Dolores Park. Mine was turkey with cranberry sauce and afterwards, when we got to the yarn store (at the bottom of the hill), an employee overheard me talking about my greasy hands and directed me rather directly to the bathroom.

Saturday night. LATE dinner at a Senegalese restaurant on steroids. At least I think it was on steroids. I haven’t ever been to a Senegalese restaurant before. I’ve had a Senegalese *dish* before — Yassa Poulet. But it was made in my very own, very shabby American chitchen by my very own mouse child, who lived in Senegal for six months for study abroad.

Sunday morning. Early. Hotel breakfast.

Sunday morning, after climbing up the blasted hill between the yarn stores. AGAIN! Quiche at a pie restaurant in the mission district (restaurant name?)

Sunday early afternoon. HAMBURGERS!!! At the In-and-Out somewhere near Santa Rosa. I think that’s where we were. Well, I had a hamburger, at least. Some folks had double-doubles and others had grilled cheese from the “secret” menu. Whatever. Good fast food that we ate in the car and it hit the spot.

Sunday afternoon, a little later. A wonderfully extroverted moom-type woman at Walker’s Orchard fed us slices upon slices of apples. I think we each got ten and if you missed one, she caught up with you. Did that cancel out the hamburgers? I don’t care if it did or not.

Sunday night. Actually cooked in Lizard Breath’s chitchen. Actually Mouse did a lot of that cooking. We made pasta and moom-style sauce and fed us and a good contingent of Liz’s housemates. Bet they’re glad we’re gone!!

Monday morning. Hotel breakfast. Light on content. Have to fly.

Monday noon or whatever. White wine somewhere over, oh, I dunno, let’s say the Rockies this time.

Monday evening. White wine probably somewhere over Wisconsin.

Monday night, rather late. Scrambled eggs, bacon, fried potatoes. Back in the Landfill Chitchen again. Yes, you are right, I did not eat much all day. Flying again. Whine does help…

Tuesday morning (we’re not done yet): dry cereal and OJ. No milk. What was left was bad.

Tuesday, late morning. Cookie at work during corporate webcast. OMG, how many cookies can I stuff down my STARVING gullet.

Tuesday noon. I can’t *really* eat more than one cookie. Tuna sandwich from Whole Foods.

Tuesday night. Baked chicken, rice, and frozen veggies because, with a totally fried, jet-lagged brain, that is all.

Wednesday morning. Cereal WITH milk that Mouse bought yesterday.

Wednesday noon. Leftover chicken, et al!!!

Wednesday night. Enchiladas!! I made a quick trip to Plum Market and defrosted the sauce I had in the freezer and voila.

I am done. Folks offered wonderful restaurant recommendations for San Fran. We didn’t get around to any of them but what we did was just as wonderful. We’ll save those other spots for another trip. Honestly, I think I would have to go out there for a month or so just to hit all of the don’t-miss-type tourist things. And all of the restaurants.

2 Responses to “Food week”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You fit so much into the time you had–and lots of good eats. (a huge variety)

  2. mouse Says:

    Didn’t you ask for a scone and end up with a danish? Because you wrote “danish” and “danish” 🙂

    Walking is what we seem to do best in this family!!