Dishrag Moom

No, this is not about dish-processing although I have sure done plenty of that in my life and I’ll just betcha I am not done.

Yesterday we walked downtown in the late afternoon. We ate at Conor O’Neil’s and then the GG went over to The Ark for volunteer duty. I walked home. It was pretty hot out and I had forgotten my sunglasses, so walking home toward the setting sun was a bit overwhelming and some of the hills felt sorta like San Francisco. I’m not crazy about late afternoon at this time of year. The sun beats down relentlessly and the pavement radiates heat. I do not know how people can run or power-bike at that time of day. By the time I got home, I felt exactly like a dishrag. An old limp, wrung-out one.

I desperately needed to chill out. Lake Superior is not in the front yard here at The Landfill except in some of my more bizarre dreams. We actually have central air in this dive these days but it’s a recent acquisition and, after all these years, when I manage to remember that we have it, I’m hardcore about living without it. I like to listen to the wildlife, even wildlife of the human variety and there was some of that, not sure what was going on but no bombs or anything. I washed my feet in ice cold water and changed into my beat-up, holey old Taming of the Shrew t-shirt, size XXL or whatever it is. I put two wet, cold dishrags washcloths around my neck, front and back, gathered up my MacBook, conjured up an A-hattan, turned on the radio, and settled in on the blue chair in the back room. Bliss.

Fortunately, no one came to the door because I am sure I was a pretty scary sight!

6 Responses to “Dishrag Moom”

  1. Mark Says:

    the Underground recorded A2’s max temp today as 71

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Dunno where they got *that*! It went *down* to about 71 after a rainstorm yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. Before that it was up in the 80s or so. The day *before* (Friday) it was near 90.

  3. Bers Says:

    Green Guy says; Well I am certainly glad to see you have a landfill, Froggie. I have at least 2 semi’s of Stuff that needs a new and caring enviornment like the Landfill. Grok Grok

  4. Frooggy Says:

    Hey Green Guy!! grok grok! You’d hafta watch out with Ol’ Baggy aroun’. She’ on a cleanin’ rampage ‘n’ she’s gettin’ rid o’ a whole bunch o’ ol’ lumber ‘n’ stuff. Grok grok.

  5. Mark Says:

    A bit of correction here, when I checked the weather it was 23:20 CDT or 00:20 EDT. I checked the high for the day and it was 71. The only problem was that today was already Sunday.

  6. kayak woman Says:

    That makes a lot more sense, I think the high *has* been in the low 70s today. Beautiful, rainy day.

    Actually, rumor has it that they record the temperature in a low spot out at the A2 Airport. The temperature in that microclimate can be as much as 10-15 degrees lower than elsewhere in the city.