Is it okay if I just sit around today?

It’s Sunday. It’s been raining off and on all day. There are a lot of constructive things I could be doing. Actually, I *did* do some of them. The stuff I do more or less *every* day, like the dishes, a load or so of laundry, and cleaning the bathroom. Plus I picked away at The Room That Time Forgot, aka my so-called studio in the basement. And I cleaned up/threw out a bunch of crap in the back yard. (Old dead pieces of hose, yay!)

Other than that, I can’t say I’ve done a whole lot. It’s a beautiful day. We needed the rain and everything is green and dripping with water. It’s so dark inside that I turned on my blue Christmas lights and I’m just hanging out watching the rain and wondering if I’ll be able to take my afternoon walk or if more lightning will roll through. Rumble, rumble. Doesn’t sound promising.

Can I be lazy today? What’s the weather like where you are and what are you doing? Are you feeling lazy or are you engaged in constructive pursuits? Do you have your blue Christmas lights on?

12 Responses to “Is it okay if I just sit around today?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    🙁 I don’t own any blue Christmas lights…

    It’s been raining off-and-on since last night here in The Big Empty. Nook & I have been running all over the region for 2 days now (yep, I’m gonna blog about it…maybe even today!).

    Spent all of today running “Open House” type errands. ALL DAY, mind you. With a break for a soup lunch @ Panera (we neither ordered nor paid for the bread bowls, but we got ’em anyway. Go Figure 😉 )

    It was bizarre, going into a store with one kind of weather, coming out to another. It seemed to keep alternating like that until it decided to just continue raining…. Maybe that’s a GOOD sign for next Saturday!!!

  2. kayak woman Says:

    You don’t have blue Christmas lights? You *have* to have blue Christmas lights. Maybe after I outfit the cabin with a lighted palm tree. (I know, I know, I decreed “no more junk.”)

  3. Webmomster Says:

    I *think* Valdemort has blue Xmas lights….we have so many *multicolored* xmas lights I cannot even begin to count. Some of them are even going up for the infamous Open House along the fence (assuming we don’t try to electrocute anyone by stringing them over the gates…).

    I have barely touched on our laundry (much needed to be done) because neither Nook nor I truly care about that….but It Has To Be Done so Will Be, Doggone It.

    I hate material Stuff.

  4. Webmomster Says:

    I think I’m beginning to Freak Out about our China Trip…..

    Don’t know why, either…. I mean, they’ve done this before

  5. kayak woman Says:

    Li’l Sis, you will be okay!!! I read through your itinerary. Those people have it together. There may *well* be some glitches. Try to just roll with them.

    If it makes you feel any better, I was *nutso* before my tiny little trip to California. And that was just a short jaunt to the west coast. But I had never been there before. And the last time I’d been on a plane was more years ago than I care to count. You will be okay!

    Love you.

  6. Webmomster Says:

    I know we’ll be OK…just, I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep without 2 dogs snuggled in tight…

  7. Sam Says:

    KW, I think the blue lights may really be Hanukkah lights, at least originally. In contrast, as far as I know, no religious group has claimed lighted palm trees. Signed, your friendly anthropologist.

  8. kayak woman Says:

    You’re probably right! I do remember blue sugar being an integral part of decorating star-shaped xmas cookies when I was little. Of course, we were also using those little silver balls that have probably been outlawed now.

    I hereby declare the palm tree to be a tradition of the Church of Gitchee Gumee!

  9. Webmomster Says:

    And celebrated with liberal libations of hops derivative and/or bourbon manhattans

    …on the beach

    …while salaaming to the great Gitchee Gumee

  10. kayak woman Says:

    Yeah, mon!

  11. Valdemort Says:

    Yes, I own two 10-foot strings of blue lights. I love them, but would love them more if I could plug them into each other!

    Yes, there will almost undoubtedly be snags on the China trip. I guess that doesn’t really bug me because after the Frozen Four in which the band almost froze to death one morning (LONG story), nothing of the sort really bugs me. : ) It’ll be FINE! Airline security sucks, but just do what they tell you to do. There will be nerves from the usual quarter, and that can be dealt with.

    Bring Dramamine. I’ll bring a small cocktail of pain meds on board which can easily be used as sedatives should anyone need that.

    The Boyz will be fine. Wish we could leave them at the Cabin, but I know the Commander doesn’t really want to deal with two energetic and enthusiastic canines who enjoy furniture a little too much. : )

    In other news, I am impatient for July 4 and a few much-needed days of Cabin Time!

  12. kayak woman Says:

    I’m gonna take the dogz up to the cabin at some point, haven’t *exactly* figured out when yet. I will use the dog run if I need to but I won’t leave them in there all the time.

    I didn’t have any trouble with airline security at all. Light travel days, blonde grey hair, and beginner’s luck, I guess.