spookyEh. Not really. This is the streetlight in front of the Landfill at 0-dark-30 yesterday morning. And a birdhouse on a tree. One that I once swatted a feral cat off of with my witch’s broom. All in a beautiful fog. I had just returned from my walk and it was still blacker than the ace of spades. And foggy. On that walk, I encountered the female runners in headlamps. Six or eight of them in two or three groups. You go girls! A skunk. Backed up pretty darn quick. Me, not the skunk. A couple of folks I always say “Good morning!” to who walk dogs wearing LED lights. My co-worker’s wife and her friend, who have been walking at 0-dark-30 at least as long as I have. A bicycler who was coming up behind me (I walk in the street (yes, I *know*)) and rang his bike bell a half a block back (*thank you*!). The older guy with the reflective orange vest, a little slower than he maybe once was but still vigorous. Like my dad… A bottle picker with his plastic bag, trying to fade into the shadows. The couple with the attack dog that they are now leashing tightly. I wonder who threatened to sue. They’re nice people. Just clueless like so many other dog owners I encounter around here. The kids waiting for the Pi-Hi Skyline schoolbus.

This morning? Whoa! Rain! Actually, it was mostly a light drizzle when I took my walk and I only put up my umbrella toward the end. Dark. For whatever reason, the GG did not go to work today. Even though his official schedule doesn’t require him to work Fridays, he usually does if he’s in town. Today, he didn’t even wake up until after I left for work. That meant that I had to scrounge up something resembling biz-caz in the dark. I have trouble with that these days even when I can turn on the light because I am in the process of dumping a whole bunch of my old clothing and my whole half of the room is one big shambling mound. New Kayak Woman clothes. Old Kayak Woman clothes. Several things that belonged to Radical Betty, who looked a lot more elegant in them than I do. Black skirt? Which black skirt? I think there are about eight in there. Today, I found the one I wanted by touch.

By the time I packed my work self into the Ninja, the rain had turned into a deluge. I decided not to tempt fate and try merging onto the freeway at my usual hairpin turn entrance. I was early and I don’t punch a time clock anyway and it’s an eight-mile drive and yada yada. The back roads would do just fine. And then the rain came down even harder and there were huge puddles everywhere and I got behind the BUS and it was still DARK and I couldn’t see jack-doodly.

This story does not have a bad ending. I made it to work just fine and this is just a little slice of life from late October 2009 on the Planet Ann Arbor.

Corrected to add that I was wrong. The GG did in fact go to work yesterday. And how many times do you think one blahgger can use the extraneous word “just” in one entry? Huh? Not to mention that it seems everything was “just fine” yesterday. Editor please? Geeesh!


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  1. Margaret Says:

    When it’s dark and raining, I can’t see jack doodly either. It’s tricky when one lives in WA.