“If it’s done, it’s perfect!”

ufpWhile everybody else was out blowing leaves today, I dithered and dathered around and finally, when I realized that I had started yet another NEW blasted Unfinished Prodject (intentionally misspelled), I decided to revisit my first UFP.

I know how to sew. I was using a needle and thread at about five and I sewed a lot of my own clothing throughout high school and beyond. I am not new at quilting. This UFP was a jump-start for me after years and years of not making anything larger than about one square foot. I did make quilts for my babies. I remember teaching Lizard Breath how to recognize parallelograms and trapezoids and say those words when she was about three. And then there were many years of “Oh, I don’t have time to make quilts”. But I made lots of other smaller stuff. I think I was aware of the quilt art world by then and I knew that my meager efforts would never win big prizes or whatever.

A few years ago, I started again. I am not totally happy with this monstrosity. I love the colors but I wonder if they are too much. There are some places where all of the corners meet perfectly. There are many other places where they do not. I have the technical skills to make it all perfect but I am very impatient in life. The dern thing is imperfect and that’s just how it will be.

I think I have finally figured out that it’s better to just DO something, even if you have to jump off a cliff to do it. If you sit around and nitpick colors and shapes and this and that. Well. You’ll never get the dern thing done. And then your great-grandchildren will not be able to look back and say something like, “Dude! My great-grandmother was so cool. Look what she did back in the old days when you couldn’t just design your own fabric with the touch of a button and have it manufactured in your own home.” Or whatever.

Love y’all. Whatever you are doing with your life, do it passionately (I’m trying). And write about it or leave something behind. Whether or not you have children.

4 Responses to ““If it’s done, it’s perfect!””

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like it–but then I love blues!

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I really like your blue quilt. I think the colors are beautiful and it is perfect just the way it is. Also, I read somewhere that women in the past would leave any mistakes (mismatched corners, misplaced pieces, etc…) alone because it would show that no one makes anything perfect, except God. Sometimes they would make a mistake on purpose. So your quilt is supposed to have at least one mistake and it will become an heirloom that future generations will enjoy. Don’t forget to sign and date your quilt (beginning and ending dates.) Now, snuggle up on the green sofa and have a nap.

  3. Tonya Says:

    I think it’s gorgeous. I don’t think there is a more uplifting color than blue (which is why I think it’s strange when they refer to it as “the blues” when you’re feeling down). We are our own worst critics, I know. I’m rarely truly satisfied with my stained glass efforts. But unless we’re willing to rip it out, tear it apart, and start over from scratch (NOT), I guess we need to find a way to feel satisfied! And embrace the fact that it’s done!

  4. Sam Says:

    I so look forward to seeing this masterpiece (get it?) in person! It’s magnificent!