Um, er, except it isn’t really done yet… :-|

seventhThank you loverly commenters from yesterday. You are great but just to clarify, my beeyootyful blue Unfinished Prodject (intentionally misspelled, of course) is actually far from finished. I just hit a major milestone yesterday when I sewed the blocks (all 72 of them) together into what I think is called a “flimsy” nowadays. I think it needs a border (or two or three). And then, I need to make a sandwich, batting and backing, and quilt it. So, not done but I think I will get there.

The house? What house? Oh, that house! It is my old house! On Seventh Street, across from West Park, here on the Planet Ann Arbor. I lived in the upstairs apartment for a couple years. Er, a few other folks also lived in that house over the years, before and after, upstairs and downstairs. I can’t do a complete timeline but it was originally rented by le Marquis. I inherited the apartment from le Marquis and Pooh when they absconded down-over to St. Louie, where they have lived ever since. Raised a family and everything. Funny how that happens.

I loved eating Cheerios on the front porch on summer days before work. It was interesting watching the homeless folk in West Park in those days but not always much fun to walk there, you know, alone, young, thin, blonde… While I was living there, a serial killer roamed the A2-Ypsi area. Was I nervous about that living alone? You betcha. Coral Watts. A couple years ago he died in prison. I think I blogged about it at the time but I don’t want to find it now. I was not sad. I was living there in 1980 when the Green Storm rolled through. I was at work at the time but the GG was in the apartment. It looked like tornado weather but no tornadoes were sighted. A front came through from one direction at 70 mph and then another front came through from another direction at 90 mph (don’t quote me on the actual mph). Trees down everywhere!

When we got married, we moved to a larger apartment. It was less picturesque but the floors didn’t rock ‘n’ roll. And then Lizard Breath was on the way and we jumped off the cliff and bought the *loverly* Landfill. I think the old place on Seventh Street is looking pretty good these days. I wonder who lives there now. I wonder who owns it.

3 Responses to “Um, er, except it isn’t really done yet… :-|”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It still looked beautiful. What do I know about quilts anyway? I’m hopeless at crafts. I like that house; it has character.

  2. Uncly Uncle Says:

    I remember a party at 7th Street and we were we were all playing in Mystery House on Bill’s first Mac.

  3. Marquis Says:

    Don’t lose that phone number, I might want it back some day. 😉