Thaaaare’s a bad moon on the rise.

stingNot really. It is the full moon tomorrow and it was rising as I walked out to my vee-hickle after work. It was gorgeous and I thought about the full moon rising at Doelle’s on Fin Family Moominbeach back in the day (or even Labor Day 2009) and somehow I got those old Creedence lyrics in my head from back in the 60s or whenever it was. Back in the days before I had my driver’s license and it was exciting to ride in to town in the Piedmont VW bug and back with the radio going at top volume. This was AM radio and I don’t think most of us even had FM radio in our vee-hickles in those days, let alone iPod jacks or satellite radio. We were stuck with staticky old AM, at the mercy of whatever the local disk jockey felt like playing that night. If he liked the Archies, well, you had to listen to the Archies (“Sugar, do-do-do-do-dooo-do, aw honey honey” ad nauseam). And then there was the news, which broke into the music every 20 minutes (“20/20 news news news” or something like that). And the ads…

Today I rolled home to the tune of NPR as usual. I don’t remember what they were talking about. I was grooving to my own beat. The beat of successfully taming the most gnarly MS Word documents on the face of the planet to the point that the next time somebody gets the booby prize, meaning that she who frees up first from the more interesting work of a new release has to update the user guides, those infernal documents will be easier to edit. I have won the booby prize two releases in a row now. It’s okay. I was on my game this time and *volunteered* to update them. I hope that gets me some kind of brownie points. I dunno what. Executive washroom privileges or a special parking spot, maybe? Naw, why bother. With our underutilized building, I can virtually park wherever the heck I want and every time I walk into the bathroom, it is empty and spotless.

It is December 1st. I have practically zero Christmas shopping done. I have no ideas. I go out to stores and I am not inspired. I do not want to buy worthless trinkets for people. Nobody wants anything. They are in the same kind of space in their lives that I am. Where’s the dumpster in the driveway? Even the 20-somethings. I’m not necessarily asking for advice. That’s just where I am right now. If you want to say what you want or what you are giving others, that would be cool. If you don’t, okay.

2 Responses to “Thaaaare’s a bad moon on the rise.”

  1. Jay Says:

    I did happen to hear Liz mention a thing or two (well at least one that I remember).

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m giving gift certs to restaurants or stores where they like to go and money. Money is always good. Small things(for stockings) include gum that they like and fruit snacks. Dumb stuff, but it’s OK.