Annoyed (((but it’ll plassover)))

tunnelI think that my Pacific NW Coastal Internet buddy Stargazer has used this post title before. Or part of it. I don’t think she has ever had the part about the plassover. I am using it today. I am annoyed. With people, organizations, things, The System, employers (not mine), confusing web sites, drivers (always). You name it, I am annoyed with it. Or he or she. I forgot one! Printers! Once upon a time, it seemed like we had a plethora of nice new working printers around here. Now? One crappy one. Good thing I rarely need one any more.

Well, you aren’t gonna hear about any of the things that I am annoyed about in this entry because I am laughing my you-know-what off right now. Oh man, I can’t remember. Mouse says it was about door-handle serial numbers and, yes it was, but y’all do not wanna know, believe me.

And then there are those plassovers. What the heck is a plassover? Well. Back in the day, when I was a teenager up on Fin Family Moominbeach, we spent whole days on the beach. When it wasn’t 40-something and blowing a gale down there, that is. Our mooms (The Commander, Radical Betty, Bubs, and the White Tornado, when she wasn’t busy swooshing the germs out of bathrooms at warp speed) would sit down there for most of the day. There would be beer lunch on the beach with crackers and cheese. In the late afternoon, storms would sometimes roll down onto Lake Superior from wherever and big black clouds would gather. Once in a while, one of those storms would drop rain, thunder, lightning, hail or whatever right on our beach. But. Not always. Sometimes those storms passed us by, over into the hills of northern Ontario. Radical Betty was an expert at figuring which of the storms that were coming down out of the Big Lake They Call Gitchee Gumee would hit us and which were passovers. Except that one day when there may have been an extra beer (or two or three) for lunch, one of those storms came down and Radical Betty called it a plassover. Everybody gnoffed and gnoffed about that, for sure. It’s a plassover! A what? Oh. Hahahaha!

I don’t have a good ending for this except that whatever life threw at Radical Betty, she rose to the occasion and made lemonade out of it or plassovers or whatever. I’m not totally sure what I wrote there but I’ll get over all of my silly little annoyances from today and move onward.

2 Responses to “Annoyed (((but it’ll plassover)))”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Some days everything is pretty annoying to me and I keep wondering if I’m turning into a crab. But I do have a pretty positive attitude, in spite of my habit of venting on my blog! Plassover? I’ll have to have a couple of extra beers and try to say passover fast. Hee hee

  2. sam Says:

    Yeah, despite a momentary interest in “door-handle serial numbers” (like: what the heck???), I’ll do a plassover!