The Great 4th of July Non-post! Updated!!!

Karen has linked to me because I have a lot of pictures of today’s 4th of July beach party. And I do. But I’m on a pretty slow dial-up right now and I don’t have the psychological fortitude to head over to Green Guy’s Internet Cafe or hit the beach in the current wind to post them. A swimmer was saved today in our bay. It’s a long story and Karen tells it better. I will update this post tomorrow with a picture slide show.

UPDATE: Okay, I have photos uploaded now. Strange, strange day weatherwise. Hot and sunny at the start of the party with fog rolling in later on. It was so foggy that it was actually “raining” in the woods all last evening and throughout the night. Click on any of the thumbnail pics to launch the slideshow.

click on the pics to launch a slideshow

Love, Kayak Woman

6 Responses to “The Great 4th of July Non-post! Updated!!!”

  1. Jay Says:

    Thanks for the pictures, and weather ala Michigan.
    So I take it the view of the fireworks in Bay Mills was limited?
    I still remember the year that we watched the Bay Mills fireworks and approaching thunderstorm, with its accompanying light show, at the same time. Like Mother Nature saying, “Is that the best you can do?”

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Mouse and I walked the beach last night during the Bay Mills fireworks. You really couldn’t see anything, just an occasional sort of smudge of color through the fog.

    I do remember the year of the thunderstorm. As I was going upstairs to bed that night after the storm was over, I heard the scanner talking about the *next* line of severe thunderstorms that was expected two hours later (or whatever). They were right!

    There were quite a few severe weather alerts that summer and 4th of July was also a memorable holiday because we were traveling with a baby bird. A wild one that one of Mouse’s friends and her mother had picked up (yeah, I know…) and foisted upon us. That whole episode would make for its own blahg entry.

  3. Bill Says:


    The swimmer to the island almost died, I’m not sure that everyone present understood what had happened.

    I was the only one who talked to him when he got to shore. He was pretty upset. Lake Superior temperatures and sudden high winds caught him by surprise.

  4. Webmomster Says:

    Great photo journaling! They paint a far better picture of the day leading up to and immediately following the blogged rescue operation – and makes it very clear just how critical it was the swimmer got rescued as quickly as he did.

    Really, all I did was “pull the alarm cord” – it was the Piedmont jet skiers who are the real heroes of the day!

  5. kayak woman Says:

    It was a joint effort. I did spot the boat first but I was nonchalant since I knew that it was in shallow (albeit rocky) water. The jetski kid (Ricky) was definitely a hero. But it was *you* who took the whole thing seriously enough to push for a search and rescue.

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