Okay, now where was I?

Believe it or not, we ate at Clyde’s Drive-in for lunch and we are also having hamburgers — and bratwurst — for dinner. Unfortunately, the park store does not carry boca burgers. I don’t really want to eat meat all the time either but the refrigerator is full of little dribs and drabs of stuff, none of which would’ve been enough to feed seven people and when we got to the grocery store today, I could not think. This is not directed at anyone except me but I am just fed up with trying to plan meals. I am actually starting to get myself into a semi-organized state for the first time in about ten years or so but I cannot seem to get it together about food. Most of the time there is practically *nothing* in my refrigerator at home. If I need something (*if* I can think of something), I head over to the Westgate Kroger uscan. I just cannot *think* of things to eat. And now, not only does the outer edge of my left foot still hurt off and on, my feet are so dried out that, despite constant efforts to keep them moisturized, the skin is cracked under the big toe on my *right* foot. So I am turning into a regular gimp. And I cannot find one of my favorite pictures. I know it’s on this thing somewhere. I just can’t manage to remember what the heck I named it. Oh yeah, and somebody put some new valves somewhere in the plumbing system and now every time you turn on a faucet or hose or whatever, an elephant trumpets. Onward and upward. I hope.

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