Prehistoric Lake Superior Shoreline

Okay, maybe “prehistoric” is stretching it a bit. This is what the beach looked like in 1986. A bit smaller, donchya think? Click to enlarge:


For those who care, yesterday’s situation is resolved and I am in the Illustrator class. Unfortunately, before it was over, I felt compelled to brag at some length and in some detail about how smart I am to two different people that I have never met. I *hate* doing that. Because I am not all that smart. But my back was against the wall, hackles raised! Over an Illustrator class! I am no Albert Einstein but remedial math? Kee-reist!

5 Responses to “Prehistoric Lake Superior Shoreline”

  1. Maquis Says:

    Speaking of remedial math, are you sure that the date isn’t 1896?

  2. Jay Says:

    What fun trying to figure out who is who!
    I thought I identified Fran, Karen, Harry, but who knows

  3. Sam Says:

    History starts pretty late for illiterate types. Can’t believe that applies here….

  4. kayak woman Says:

    I think the pictures do have a sort of 1896 aura about them. Maybe it’s the black and white. And something about all the people standing in the water. I have a rather vague memory of that party. It was a pretty long time ago (but it was 1986). It must have been hot out. It’s pretty hard to see who the people are even in the original. I just thought the narrow bit of beach looked pretty astounding compared to the gigantic one we have this year.

  5. Valdemort Says:

    Wow, we’ve had some serious deposition going on besides the fluctuations in water levels! I seem to remember a summer kinda like that when I was really little (2nd grade maybe?). We had maybe 20 feet of beach that year from grassline to water’s edge.

    Glad to hear the class thing worked out. Those are such a pain. Every year without fail, the non-music majors in SMB and Brass are automatically submitted for override entry and it never happens. So every time, we have to individually e-mail the secretary concerned to have our class overrides put through.

    This is once a semester. : P