Nobody spent too much time thinking about volcanoes

stuck.jpgThat little incident was the handy work of yours truly, Yooper Grrrrl, who has apparently forgotten a few winter driving skills. It’s okay, it only slowed us down a few minutes and then we were on our way to the ski ranch. I don’t have much to say about that but I did take pictures so you can click here or on the picture if you want. There was plenty of snow yesterday and then it started snowing again and this morning I think there was about six new inches. Walking around the point was somewhat challenging. The plow hasn’t been by yet but some big truck or whatever had driven around and left big ruts that were okay where they weren’t drifted over. It’s supposed to snow down south today and I am not looking forward to the drive home. For the moment, the conversation is about the housing market and since Cassandra holds some slightly different opinions about real estate than a lot of people, she is clamping her mouth shut. But when the conversation momentarily veers into garbage collection issues, Garbage Woman gets a little clanked up and can’t keep out of it. 😉 Hopefully the Dirty Old Green Honda Accord will at least make it out of the driveway some time relatively soon. The roads may be bad but the skiing will be good. If you want to take a bath in the lake, you’d better not forget the ice auger and nobody is spending too much time thinking about volcanoes.

9 Responses to “Nobody spent too much time thinking about volcanoes”

  1. Sam Says:

    Thanks for the Mich weather insights (it’s windy windy windy here in ATL). I won’t mention other (well just one) win-tree driving events with Yooper Grrrrl.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Hahaha! I remember that! Fishtailed right into the ditch and probably would’ve been a lot worse if the snow hadn’t been so deep.

    It’s quite windy here too.

  3. Emily R Says:

    I keep reading posts by people back home talking about the snow. It is cold here in London, but it isn’t snowing yet. Maybe I shouldn’t miss it so much…

  4. isa Says:

    do tell, sam…

  5. jane Says:

    Hey – I climbed a volcano in Bali a couple weeks ago! Mount Batur – it’s dormant right now, although there were steam vents at various places. we got up at 2 am to drive to the mountain, then started climbing at 4 am with the goal to be at the top at 6:30 for the sunrise. I wasn’t quite at the top at that point, but the sunrise was spectacular just the same. totally cool.

  6. isa Says:

    go jane!!

    just saw that picture from the haight…

  7. jane Says:

    forgot to mention that you will NOT be disappointed in the amount of snow when you get home. I would estimate 10 inches, with lots of blowing right now.

  8. Pooh Says:

    We have enough snow in STL to go skiing! Unfortunately, I have a cold, either the same one I got in Nov. or it’s cousin, so I decided not to try it today. I haven’t been in years, so the first step would be to find my boots and wax. Bubs said she tried hers after a long break and the toe extensions broke off. When she took them to the shop, they had to use the “way back” machine to find shoes w/ the old-style three pin bindings. Hmm, who knew the toes would break when the boots were in the basement.

  9. kayak woman Says:

    haha! Bubs needs to figger out that it is actually okay to buy new skis and boots once ever 40 years or so! 😉 😉 😉