Th’ Resty-rant at th’ end o’ th’ uny-verse

Grok grok grok! Whare ‘r’ all my faverit blahggers? Grok grok. What’re y’all doin’? grokgrokgok it’s gittin’ borin’ heer with Ol’ Baggy. Grok grok grok.

Graaaaaaawwwwwwk Graaaaawwwwwwwk! NOW Ol’ Baggy is gone! Sum Kevin person came over ‘n’ asked ‘er if she wannid t’ take a spin. Grok grok grok. Er Sumthin’ like that. grok grok. It wuz not that ol’ Mr. Melon with th’ kyoot kitty frum up thare on th’ beech ‘n’ I don’t think it had enything t’ do with Mouse’s spinnin’ wheel. Grok grok grok. Enyway, Ol’ Baggy sed shoor she’d go fer a spin ‘n’ then she lockt us in squeak squeak squeak ‘n’ took off. ‘n’ she took th’ kees t’ my flyin’ musheen! Grok gork grok grokGROK!!!

One Response to “Th’ Resty-rant at th’ end o’ th’ uny-verse”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    How’d you know I was hanging out at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe?? Huh?? You been spying on me or something?