Bombs Away

grokgrok.jpgNope. No bombs here. Not today. Just a long dark slither home through blowing snow. That’s all okay. I’m glad I got home without anybody slamming into me and I am *really* glad not to be blown up. I’m not sure I could drive with all those body parts strewn everywhere. But I have had it. I am just about at the end of my rope here. So, whether or not I can manage to move my whole blahg in a nice, smooth, elegant manner, I am going to switch hosts. At long last. I guesstimate it’ll be about a two week process. Right now, I am in the beginning stage of backing up all the files on my server. Even those that have been out there since, oh about 2001 or whatever. I don’t even know what’s *in* some of those files or why I (or whoever) put them out there in the first place and I don’t remember what fizzled-out grand scheme they are part of. I am just sick of the fact that my host can’t seem to let me traverse my blahg without waiting forever for each page to loooooaaaaaadddd……….. I don’t know exactly what the problem is but we’ve been down this road before and it has something to do with the server(s?) they use for mysql, which is the database that stores all the stuff on my blahg (yes, even the comments, someone asked me that the other day) and all other WordPress-driven blahgs. I am sick of waiting.* I am not going to bother with the futile exercise of contacting customer support. I’m gonna move. I may have to just sort of go on into the future for the time being and try to add the archives back in bit by bit. We’ll see. I’m not sure anyone but me much cares to read through all that crap anyway. And actually, there are a couple of traveling funeral years that I don’t even want to go back and read about right now. I know I will later.

So, y’all are might be wondering, “why do I care about this?” The answer is complicated. Isn’t it always? If you have somehow managed to surf here by entering “main water supply” on The Google, then you are definitely scratching your head. I don’t sell plumbing supplies but thanks for stopping by and please have a nice life! At the other extreme, The Commander will definitely wonder what rabbit hole I’ve dropped into if she faaaaaarrrrs up ol’ Faaaarrrrfox and good ol’ ababsurdo doesn’t show up. And when my body is dragged up out of that rabbit hole, she’ll be indignantly informing all of her octo-crones, “Well!!! If she had only followed my advice and worn some decent shoes!” Roight. So. There’ll be days when ababsurdo looks about like it always does. There might be moments when all that shows up is a blank page. Or a sorta-ababsurdo-looking page with a stupid search box in the middle and a message saying something like, “sorry, what you are looking for is not there.” Helpful, eh? I don’t expect these conditions to occur frequently. It is more likely that you’ll encounter them on weekends, ’cause that’s when I have time to fiddle around with stuff like this. Patience, please.

Oh and by the way. If you have surfed here by entering something like, “dumb blahgger looking for new host service” on The Google, don’t bother commenting about your wonderful host service. I am pretty sure I know where I’m moving. Actually, I actively administer three other sites on a better host than the one I’m using for ababsurdo and, even though I am satisfied with that host, I might put ababsurdo on another one. I am scoping it out. I’ll blahg more about why ababsurdo is where it is in a future installment, after I’ve successfully established it elsewhere. You know, for those who are interested bored enough already.

Watch for the next installment of “Bombs Away” in a future post!

* Actually, it’s pretty fast tonight but every weekend it seems to slow down to a snail’s pace.

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