Black Friday at the grokkery store

I wish I had a picture of the Marquis’s face when he told me that my brain was going to overheat this morning at the Village Kitchen Restaurant. But I don’t. (No, the video we took afterward didn’t quite grab the moment. Sorry.) I was too astounded to be able to grab my phone! Instead, you are stuck with this photo in which I am astounded about arriving at the Plum Market at 8:00 AM, or so said the Ninja’s clock. I grabbed a cart and walked up to the automatic door aaaannnnndddd…. Nothing happened! Say what? Pulled out my phone. 7:59. Oh, okay. I’m a minute early. Just after I took this photo, the doors miraculously opened. All by themselves. 8:00.

As I was cruising by the cheese counter, the cheese counter person asked me if I was out for Black Friday. “No! No!” I exclaimed. I told him that if I wanted to buy something from, say, Tarjay, I would just go to Tarjay on any day I wanted to and buy that item. And then I told him that I was at the Plum Market because I was having 12 people (or thereabouts) and two dogs over for a post-Thanksgiving lasagna dinner and I needed some things for that. And that I would probably be back because, undoubtedly, I was forgetting something. And I did forget something and so I did go back to the Plum Market and darned if I didn’t get the same cashier and darned if she didn’t recognize me. “Uh, weren’t you here earlier?” Uh, yeah, but I wasn’t wearing my black sequined mad bomber hat that time…

Aaaaannnnnd. Whew! I can cook lasagna pretty much upside down with my hands tied behind my back but there is some work involved and this old house is filled with dust and stuff, so I worked on food while the GG wielded the old upright vacuum cleaner around and actually did some dusting. He does not normally dust, but it is particularly awful around here right now, so it is making him sneeze. Yer favo-rite blahgger seems to be immune to dust and other types of allergens. And he was the Pyro Master, building a faaaarrrr in the faaarrrrplace and lighting candles around the Landfill.

Dogmomster and Pengo were here along with their dogs and many of the Regenstreif clan. Alas. Jay and Carl had a 3:00 flight back to their home in Seattle. I missed having them here. Yaknow, Jay is a couple years younger than me and, when I was a bratty little kid, she was more a contemporary of The Engineer than me. I hung around with her older sister Pooh, who was my age. I was not nice to those kids (my brother and Jay) most of the time. I was a snotty little kid. I wish I could go back and change that but I can’t. But I was sorry today that I didn’t have any more time to hang around with Jay and her wonderful husband Carl. And I miss them.

At any rate, I am done for the day and this is about all the boring old blather y’all are gonna get outta me. The guests are gone, the garbage (and recycle and compost) are out and there’s some football game on TV and I have no idea who’s playing and I might be able to actually stay awake long enough to hit the Publish button… Let’s see if I can…

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