White hot rage against the machine


My body apparently knew how horrifically awful today would turn out to be because I had to draaaagggg myself outta bed today and then I had to draaaagggg myself to work. I was ecstatic when we were told we could leave at 3 today. I briefly considered leaving for HL this afternoon but I soon came to my senses and realized that maybe I could get some laundry or something done instead and we could walk to the Oscar Tango for dinner and get a nice early start tomorrow.

Alas, it was not to be. At 2:30 or so I got a call from the Apple Store, saying that my laptop repair was finished. I was ecstatic. They had told me 5-7 days and this was only three. Okay, so I will pick up my computer on the way home. Great.

Except when I got there, I found out that they had done two things: 1) Replace the trackpad. 2) WIPE MY HARD DRIVE!!!! No other information and the chirpy little flibbertygibbet was absolutely NO HELP. ??????

Now. This is complicated. 1. I THOUGHT that the Dreaming-of-Portland “genius” who sent my laptop away had UNDERSTOOD that I didn’t think that the trackpad was the issue and that we were looking for an underlying problem. 2. Mr. Dreaming-of-Portland did tell me that they MIGHT have to wipe my drive but I understood that to be IF and ONLY IF they needed to replace a “logic board” or my hard drive or whatever. 3. All of the other times I have had my trackpad replaced, they have done it WITHOUT wiping my hard drive. So why the FUCK did these frigging idiots wipe it if all they did was replace the trackpad?

I’m already boring you enough with this. I won’t go into the multiple phone calls that have been made and how I was promised a call from an Apple Store manager and have yet to receive one. “Steve”, an Apple tech support guy did call and talk me thru starting up a file restore from our time machine. He was cool and actually treated me as if I wasn’t walking around at 100. I hope Dreaming-of-Portland ends up out there. Portland can have him. I hope Apple doesn’t hire him. Maybe he can get a job rolling the Starbuck’s garbage cart out to the alley? Sorry but I was not impressed. But then, I don’t think Apple pays those people doodly-squat.

And you get what you pay for. Take a note, all of those who are firing teachers et al.

What a clusterfuck! The only question that remains is how DO I get my recurrent laptop issue fixed if the “geniuses” at the Apple Store refuse to take me seriously and keep on replacing my trackpad without looking for the real issue?

Gawd I hope tomorrow is a better day…

4 Responses to “White hot rage against the machine”

  1. Paulette Says:

    Is clusterf**k a word? Oh geez….Hope all goes well tomorrow. 😉

  2. Paulette Says:

    OK, OK.
    cluster fuck
    Reportedly coined by the hippie poet Ed Sanders in the 1960s, in the form Mongolian clusterfuck; it is frequently used in the military.

    clusterfuck (plural clusterfucks)
    (slang, chiefly military) A confusing or chaotic situation or event, often caused by a failure of communication, an excessive number of people attempting to accomplish a given task, or a complex environment.  

  3. Margaret Says:

    My whole life has been a clusterf… lately, so I know the word well!! I would be SO ANGRY. I keep lots of wonderful things on my computer and would be devastated to lose them. I still get angry when I think about one of my last computer fixes when the tech didn’t put back my ancient Outlook Express e-mail program with all my saved e-mails. I was broken hearted. I had kept messages from people who are now DEAD. P.S. Hate the Apple Stores I’ve been in, one of the reasons I won’t buy one.

  4. jane Says:

    A former co-worker of mine was a ‘non-swearer’, but I liked her a lot, just the same. And tried not to swear when she was around. Anyway, we were in the midst of a HUGE multi-month project and on the way back from a 4 hour meeting was discussing with my boss what a clusterf*ck the mtg had been. The non-swearer was right behind us so when I said ‘clusterf*ck’ I dropped my voice a bit so as not to offend.

    The next day the 3 of us are talking again and the non-swearer says something about a ‘cluster bucket’ and we both stop and ask her what that means. She said – that’s how you described the meeting yesterday – same thing today.

    Raucous laughter ensued as we all got on the same page, and we continued to use ‘cluster bucket’ going forward.