Chillllliiiiinnnngggg at Houghton Lake

First and foremost, I do have my blasted computer back again. I began a system restore at approximately 5:30 yesterday afternoon and when I woke up to take my shower at oh, I dunno, 5:45 AM, or so it said I still had an hour and 48 minutes to go. Sigh. I figured I would have to leave for Houghton Lake before the restore finished. To my great surprise, when I returned to the Landfill Chitchen after taking a shower, the restore was finished and my loverly MacBook Pro was asking me to log in. And I did and all is well. Except for the fact that Apple apparently didn’t diagnose my particular problem…

I do not like to use the F word on my blahg and so I’m sorry about that but yesterday’s events pushed me over the edge. Sorry.

Anyway, we jumped into the Frog Hopper before dawn this morning and spent a loverly day here at the Group Home @ Houghton Lake, complete with a pontoon boat ride across the lake and over to the Best Choice Market for grokkeries. Nothing like taking a boat to the grokkery store. With the Lady of Linden as the Cap’n!

BBQ Chitchen for dinner and there is a durned sporting event on TV tonight involving our own local collegiate football team aka University of Michigan. Apparently some typical MSU fans are actually rooting for U of M tonight. Apparently U of M is losing… I don’t care much about football but I do like to see U of M win. But I am not watching. I was much more interested in watching the sport of alligator wrestling this afternoon…

One Response to “Chillllliiiiinnnngggg at Houghton Lake”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Are they “watching” the football game? 😉 Sounds like a good day, except for the computer fix. Still an issue with the trackpad? Eff.