Pacing and rummaging, rummaging and pacing

cucidata[Delete a whole bunch of stuff about the weather, etc. here…]

Except to say that we are in the fifth day after Ion or whatever the heck it was and the damn roads here are still in a state of total crapola. I made it home slowly but safely (no snowbanks for me, thank you very much) this afternoon. The plan was, or so I thought, to walk over to Knight’s for dinner. We had a reservation for 7:00. Or so I thought.

I was putzing around in the chitchen when the GG said, “We need to leave soon.” “Soon” doesn’t do it for me. Give me a damn time! The time turned out to be 25 before 7:00. At 28 before seven, I was getting my snow gear on (yes, it was snowing — again) and he said, “I’ll be in the car.” That stopped me in my tracks! What? Why are we driving to Knight’s??? Knight’s is the neighborhood steakhouse / pub. It’s right around the corner. It turned out we were not *going* to Knight’s. We were going to the Real Seafood Company. That was a surprise. I am not all that crazy about surprises. Unless they are reaaally reaallly good ones but in the last few years, usually they are not, so I’d rather just kind of keep on going on…

And what was the occasion? It isn’t my birthday. The Commander would’ve turned 93 today but I had no plans to observe that occasion. The GG finally provided the fact that we would be Porterized tonight. And then, “It’s Diane’s birthday!” Okay then! I clicked my crappy old YakTrax-clad boots together! Let’s go have fun! And fun we had on this loverly but snowy (goddamn it) evening. Escargot and mussels for appetizers and I had mahi-mahi grilled Shanghai style. Oh yes, I ate the spinach! And some whine…

Note to self! Incorporate the Real Seafood Company into our sniggly little restaurant rotation a little more often. But not on Friday nights!

The photoooo? It has nothing to do with our birthday dinner tonight. My uber-cuzzint Pooh asked me for The Comm’s recipe for Italian Cucidata cookies a while back and I sent it asking [half-jokingly] her to to send me a few if she made it. These finally arrived after several days without any mail service at all. They are beautiful! When I used to make cucidata, they were kind of doughy and lumpy and generally misshapen. Pooh’s are much more delicate. The Comm used to dip them in milk and then multi-colored nonpareils. Pooh used a more organic topping. I have yet to eat one of these but I’m sure they are fantastic.

Good night, sleep tight, may the bed bugs freeze,
Kayak Woman

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4 Responses to “Pacing and rummaging, rummaging and pacing”

  1. Paulette Says:

    The Commander and Grandroobly are whooping it up among the undulating colors of the northern lights tonight. HB, Fran.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Lovely dinner and wonderful looking cookies. I will have to look them up though; I have no idea what they are.

  3. Pooh Says:

    KW, I had sprinkles (nonpareils) on the list, but since this was the mega-list for Xmas, they got overlooked. When I was looking for them to top the cucidata, Mark offered to run over to the store and get some. I decided they were the least important ingredient and could be ignored.

  4. l4827 Says:

    After all the wine, Diane is feeling younger now. We had a fun time downtown!