Intruder at the Moomincabin!

moomincabinOf course I did not personally take this loverly photooo of the moomincabin in winter. It was taken by our fav-o-rite gubmint slacker*. I sat on the Green Couch and telecommuted all day. And watched the fog generated by Southeast Michigan melting.

The purpose for the GG’s northward trip was a hike tomorrow with our fave group, the Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore Chapter of the North Country Trail Association. I love those hikes but alas, I have a finite number of paid vacay days and I am in heavy duty vacay saving mode at this time of year. The hike got canceled due to the truly weird weather that happens in the Great Lake state. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and very wet and with snow on the trails…

But the GG had some other things on his agenda, including checking up on the moomincabin. Here is what he messaged me about that: “Cabin Intruder!!! Knocked over pictures, pushed clock off the wall, may gave gotten into Liquor (shot glass on floor), chewed up a little wood, and permanently passed out in the bathroom.” It was a squirrel (shirrel, cirker, aaaaaaaaaah?) and I have a photo of it but I won’t post it. Poor little thing. BTW: there is no alcohol in the moomincabin at this time of year (summer is a different story). We remove all food and drink when we close in the fall. But poetic license don’tcha know.

The GG is staying at the Hotel Ojibway (of Crabby Tom fame (or notoriety…)) tonight and dining with Jeep at the Elk’s Club. And an LSSU hockey game may or may not be in his future. I am hunkered down, not that I really need to be. npJane and I toyed around with a meetup at the Oscar Tango but it didn’t work out and I am okay with that. I have a no-guilt policy about stuff like that. It began when BFF and I planned to meet up and ooops, my dad took a turn for the worse and died. Ever since that BFF and I have made plans with no guilt policies and we have always felt extra fortunate when our plans work out. In this case, the snag was merely that npJane ended up working later than expected and since we both have wonderful jobs, that is a good thing all the way around.

*The GG is ANYTHING but a slacker. He has been working for That Darn EPA for many years. He works hard and he deserves every bit of time off he gets. But he does have infinitely more vacay time than I do and I often wish I had more, although I love my job.

2 Responses to “Intruder at the Moomincabin!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a lot more time off too, although I can’t work remotely and it takes me a long time to prepare to miss a day. (lesson plans-bah!) Did the squirrel die in the bathroom? Yuck.

  2. Sam Says:

    Love the no-guilt policy. A mantra for life? Sometimes, anyway, it can be broadly applied….