The snow isn’t exactly yellow but I still wouldn’t eat it.

I needed a few grokkeries so I put on my hip waders bedraggled snow boots and YakTrax, threw on my Maple Leaf Backpack and slodged down the Landfill driveway. Eeny meeny miney mo. Street or sidewalk? Sidewalk? *Mostly* wet pavement punctuated with stretches of ankle-deep water on top of ice. Street? A loverly combination of water, ice, and slush. Every step meets a different surface. Note the trenormous puddle at the end of the Landfill driveway in the photooo below…


The bus stop near the Dexter / North Maple intersection always seems to become a shopping cart graveyard in the winter. This used to happen even before the Plum Market and Aldi built stores there catty-corner from each other.


This snowbank isn’t exactly yellow but I still wouldn’t eat the snow.


Walking was a challenge today. I’m sure driving was fine but I didn’t drive anywhere. I didn’t neeeeeed to drive anywhere. I will drive somewhere tomorrow. I think I’m getting cabin fever.

4 Responses to “The snow isn’t exactly yellow but I still wouldn’t eat it.”

  1. elizabeth carter Says:

    Think of our letter carriers, please mention to your readers to keep all of our pathways clear. Randy has very sore legs from this week of working.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I have no idea how Randy managed his job this week. It must have been very difficult. We didn’t receive *any* mail delivery Monday or Tuesday. That was okay with me. Elizabeth is right. Please clear and salt your sidewalks. I did.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Looks like nasty snow. Dirty and slushy–not pretty at all. Ours usually goes away before it gets to that point. I get cabin fever very easily. I don’t like that about myself.

  4. Sam Says:

    Yellow + not-yellow…still means “don’t eat.” I’m with that calculation.