In which it is almost 6PM and I can still see a bit of pink in the western sky

flowersI was looking forward to being home aloooone this weekend. I needed to rattle around the Landfill by myself for a bit picking away at this or that flinging / cleaning prodject. Somehow I found myself feeling a wee bit down, at least intermittently. Oh, nothing serious, the worst of it was that it was TBG’s birthday yesterday and she’s my s-i-l and a wonderful kindred spirit and the Twinz of Terror were up there in the Great White North whooping it up with her at Benethum’s and I love TBG and Benethum’s and I wished I was there… HB TBG! And thanks for the pineapple upside down cake.

But, like I said, *intermittent*! Because I got some good stuff done this weekend, although it often felt like I was pulling my hair out! I got “Christmas” taken down and *reorganized*, except for The Commander’s glass ornaments, which are hanging in the front window. I think I’ll keep those there for a while longer. They are really not all that Christmasy. After that, I took a good hard look at the room I sleep in aaaannnnd… proceeded to tackle all of the huge shambling mounds that have formed on my “side” of the room in the last, oh I dunno, year [or… more… yikes]. And then I set Roooomba free (on my “side” of the room). And then I did some DUSTING! Man oh man. [I did dust a couple months ago…]

There was fun stuff this weekend too! Like when I decided to drive out to the Jackson Road Meijer this morning. I was thinking that the last time I went to that place on a Sunday, my co-worker W1.5 caught me red-handed hanging out in the u-scan checkout line reading the tabloids! Today? I was behind W1.5 all the way out to Meijer and ALL THE WAY BACK! I did not see him anywhere in the dern store. How does this kind of thing happen in a city with a population of 100K plus?

And there was yesterday’s dog owner rescue. I was tromping through the woods. I knew that someone with a damn brain was in there with their dog because the gate into the woods was shut. People shut it so their [untrained] dogs can’t get out and run out into North Maple to get hit by automotive veehickles. So I knew there was a dog in there but I guessed that it was not the young German Shepherd that tried to bite me at the beginning of the storm known as the polar vortex and luckily, it wasn’t! It was my “friend”, a pit bull who apparently ADORES me. Many dogs do but apparently not the young German Shepherd… This poor dog’s owner was struggling though. She had let the dog run free in the woods but couldn’t corral it when it was time to go home. She had been in there for an HOUR!!! When I came along, the dog ran to me in a FRIENDLY way. As I greeted the dog, I grabbed onto its neck and hooked my thumb into its collar and its owner was able to re-attach the leash. My childhood dog Tigger taught me well and I miss her so much sometimes.

3 Responses to “In which it is almost 6PM and I can still see a bit of pink in the western sky”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a positive weekend for the most part. Dogs like me OK, but CATS hate me. (many of them anyway)

  2. Pooh Says:

    I was walking on Saturday, and had just crossed Clayton Road, which is a busy street. Out comes a dog, tearing along, and his owner behind him yelling, “Stop!” So I put out my hands in a friendly way, trying to get the dog to come to me. The dog bounces away, heading away from the busy street. The owner was finally able to catch the dog and put its leash on. He thanked me for trying to help corral the dog, and perhaps I did distract from running out into the street, but otherwise nada.

  3. elizabeth Says:

    Its nice to read your writings on a looong ccooold Winters afternoon, kinda keeps me company. Thanks for writing, its nice. Love ya.