Dry roads today. How long can it last?

The GG questioned my use of the word “dry” when describing the roads on my commute today. Maybe something like “not slippery” would be a better description. Such a relief not to have to white-knuckle my dinky little eight-mile commute watching as people slide off the road into snowbanks left and right. It’s only mid-January and we have more of the slippery stuff in our future, I fear.

Walking through my neighborhood at 0-skunk-30 was a whole ‘nother story. I looked at the weather on my phone before I got up and it said 40 degrees. But not, alas. My Chitchen Thermometer more accurately proclaimed 30 and that meant ice, ice, and more ice. In various forms. I minced my way through a semblance of my usual walk even with my YakTrax on. Wearing YakTrax is odd when there are big stretches of dry pavement like there were today. YakTrax are not really designed for dry pavement and I think it chews them up faster (I predict that this will be a three YakTrax winter). But when you have intermittent ice… I was seeking out any kind of crunchy looking ice-snow-type-stuff I could find, usually in the street and man I was loud! I could sometimes hear my footsteps echoing off the buildings in the area. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! And there were even spots where my YakTrax slipped a bit. Glare ice, don’tcha know…

So, I was gonna post a screenshot of the Google map of the business park I work in so I could show you the serpentine drive that leads to my work and regularly puts people into snowbanks (or ponds) on slippery days. I chickened out. I’m not sure why. All kinds of people work there. It showed the roads leading to my work but I could cut off the actual address of my building and I often post my location on Facebook and Instagram. I am not generally very freaked out about people knowing where I have posted photooos from. I figure no one is interested in a baggy old kayak woman without much to show for herself. But occasionally I do kind of freak out, like today. What about y’all?

One Response to “Dry roads today. How long can it last?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I tried to keep where I work secret, but my FB friends from my school didn’t, so everyone would be able to find me anyway. What the heck?