Poop Deck Paul

Once when I was first getting to know the GG he started talking about being on a TV show called Poop Deck Paul. It was a TV show on CBC over in Windsor, I think. Correct me buddy if I am wrong. I asked who in the heck is Poop Deck Paul and why were you on there? The GG said, “I shot bow and arrow.” Okay then. A lot of us who grew up here in the Great Lake State got Canadian TV when we were young. Especially me because TV 2 from Soo Ontario was the first station I remember. Howdy Doody?

I dunno what kind of bow and arrow the Twinz of Terror shot. It probably wasn’t anything like what these kids are being trained to do. BFF’s nephews are probably somewhere in that photooo. Archery these days is a lot different from back when I went to Camp Wikweia and archery was one of our three morning planned activities. The other two were swimming and arts and crafts (which I loved). For archery, we walked up to a field at the southeast end of the camp (there are probably condos there now). There were a bunch of targets set up, attached to straw bales or whatever. We picked out bows according to our skill level. I wish I could remember this better (where was my damn iPhone in those days?). I wasn’t ever any good at bow and arrow but I think Miss Betsy was the archery teacher and we all loved her so it was fun whether we were good at it or not.

I didn’t really like going to campfire girl camp all that much. I’ve written about this before. It was fun a lot of the time and I always liked singing songs on the crappy old bus to Shingleton with all my buddies but I did get homesick. Especially that one year when the Old Biddy of a camp director made me choke down one spoonful of cottage cheese and forever after (all week) referred to me as “her cottage cheese girl”. Why on earth did she not ask me why I hated cottage cheese? She might have found out that it was because my little brother shoved a blue crayon into my bowl of cottage cheese during a bout of scarlet fever when I was five. The same illness that made the wrinkles (a hallucination) screw up my moom’s periwinkle pin-tucked chiffon blouse.

Oh man, I hated that camp director. I do not think that children should EVER be forced or coerced to eat something that they don’t like. I can’t say that I didn’t ever try the coercion thing with the beach urchins but it never worked because my dern kids were too independent to let me try to coerce them to do anything. But this woman was a control freak who felt compelled to enforce ill-conceived rules.

It’s late and I am done. Did you go to camp? Did you like camp?

5 Responses to “Poop Deck Paul”

  1. Jay Says:

    Fran used to force me to eat a tablespoon of spaghetti sauce when we would stay with you. I did not eat spaghetti with sauce for a loooong time, but I am older now.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Yikes! I don’t remember that but I’m sure it’s true. She used to try to get me and Jim to eat stuff we didn’t like too. I would usually rebel. So sorry that she bugged you too.

  3. Tonya Says:

    My mother (she had many good qualities about her, but also some bad, probably because she was very young when she became a mother for the first time — with me) exerted a certain power trip over me with peas. I have never liked peas, and still totally loathe them to this day. She would make me sit at the dinner table for HOURS until I ate my peas. Which I refused to do. I could not leave the table until I did. And so I would not leave the table. Culminated into a very ugly scene with my best friend who was over for dinner and Mom made peas (knowing my loathing, which upset me a lot because it felt like I was “set up”) and she PULLED MY HAIR in front of my best friend because I got up from the table refusing to eat peas! My best friend to this day remembers that, and is still disturbed about it.

    I made an absolute point with my son to allow him to pick and choose his vegetables. Which he did, and I never made the ones he didn’t like. (Luckily he loved broccoli and green beans, among many others, so I didn’t have to worry about nutrition). It’s kind of sad, but my mom was a role model in some ways about how NOT to be as a parent. It worked out pretty well for me raising Nate, even though I had to think things through backward! ;o)

    Sorry! Kind of venting, I guess! (And yeah, it had a life-long impact on me).

  4. Pooh Says:

    I remember going to camp with you one summer. I was also awful at archery. However, I think it was b/c our cabin was almost always late to archery, so we were shooting from the edge. One day we got there early enough to be directly in front of the targets. I did much better that day. It seems to me we were pretty young, maybe the youngest class.

  5. Margaret Says:

    I never went to camp because I had trouble staying overnight away from home. Whew, that saved me. My parents were very flexible about what we ate. One of my brothers was a vegetarian, so Mom often made a multitude of dishes and let us choose. It was a lot of work for her, but nice for us!